1. The story of Coco Nana, Nesuto Patisserie

I had a slice of Coco Nana (SGD 9) from Nesuto. I seldom choose coconut based cake whenever I feel like having cake but that night, Sierra feels like having one, so we chose this cake to share. Inside the coconut sprinkled cover, you will find a chocolate sponge cake filled with banana and chocolate cream. Quite a refreshing combination I suppose, banana, chocolate and coconut. 

The story of Coco Nana

I have never imagined that I would be jobless once again in my early 30s. The first time I took a break from work was exactly 10 years. I started my career in audit. Nobody asked me to pick auditor as career. I just think of it at the right way to go since I was graduated with an accounting degree. The first lesson that I learnt from my first job was everything which come with a set of bond or commitment is never pretty and there’s no way I would spend my 20s slaving from morning to morning on a daily basis. I desperately resigned on my last day and went without a job for two months. The maximum number of time off which I could take because my bank account was about to reach the darkest bottom pit of zero balance. 

10 years later, I have not really found what I’m looking for, it seems. And here I am, jobless once again. At least, this time I am jobless with an adequate amount of dollars in my bank account. I think I would make do for at least the next 5 months, unless my sanity gives up on me. Coco Nana does not really start with a nice sweet story I suppose. 

Where to get Coco Nana: Nesuto Patisserie, 53 Tras Street, Singapore
Opening times: Mon - Thu 12PM to 10PM, Fri - Sat 12PM to 11PM, Sun 12PM to 7PM

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