6. The Story of Kimchi Toastie, Paddy Hills

Paddy Hills was the last cafe I visited with Mr Arse-Angel. But then, I did not associate the cafe with the nasty turn of event that followed our story later on. After all, I personally think Paddy Hills is one of the nice quaint cafes in Singapore (except when it’s crowded). Paddy Hills updates its menu quite often so it’s normal for certain dishes to be taken in and taken out from the menu especially during festive season. I did not see Kimchi Toastie (SGD 19) in the menu when I visited Paddy Hill earlier this year so I kinda wanted to try it. It’s basically a pastry item combined with local twist. The kimchi toastie is a danish loaf filled with house cured bacon, mozzarella, orange cheddar and it is served with a side of two onsen eggs. I wonder why most restaurants always give two eggs in brunch item. I suppose it’s to justify the price of the meal. And yet, I think two eggs are too much for me. The kimchi toast tastes pretty good though I wonder if it’s because I am a pastries lover by nature.

5. The Story of Kimchie Toastie, Paddy Hills


Between the end of that strange relationship and the approach of November, my life went on without a change. Each day would dawn without incident and end as it had begun. I was quite surprised with my own acceptance of the whole situation despite the fact that I still have no job. Work is after all the best way to occupy your mind from a failed relationship and when this avenue is not even listed as an option, one tend to wonder how to make oneself busy. 

Making round from gym, food place and supermarket, that’s how my days pass one by one. With an occasional job application, whenever the opportunity arise. 

I’ve taken up reading again after 8 years of neglecting any kind of books due to busy lifestyle. My brother has become a fan of Haruki Murakami and his books are weird. In a good way of weird. I have finished Kafka on the Shore and now in the middle of reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. While none of Murakami-sensei’s stories end on a sweet sugary note, I find joy (and even consolation and acceptance) by reading them. I was kinda able to move on from my problem easier because of his storyline, especially in The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. 

A mystery indeed, a pleasant one. 

Where to get Kimchi Toastie: Paddy Hills, 38 South Buona Vista Road, Singapore
Opening times: Monday to Friday 10.30AM - 10PM, Saturday to Sunday 9AM - 5PM, 6PM - 10PM

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