4. The Story of Flan Normand, Paul

I have not really been to Paul in ages for its patisserie stuff. But that one particular night, I needed to cheer myself up by stuffing myself with sweet stuff. Flan Normand (SGD 7) was actually not the cake that my cake-date wanted to order but her favourite cake was already sold out by then. It is an apples, almonds, custard cream puff pastry. It’s a tad sweet but I don’t mind because after all I need some sugary love. Even if it comes from Flan Normand, not a human being. 

4. The Story of Flan Normand, Paul


I met Mr Arse Angel in church and I was kinda crushing on him for 9 months. We are serving in the same ministry (until now, I decided not to dump the ministry just because of an arse) and well, hate to admit, but he was kinda cute. At first, he was kinda reserved but he started to open up and we started hanging out for a few times. I had to say while his dating game was not really the best that I had ever experience, his texting skill is on another level. It’s the level where your hope is raised and making you kinda confident that he was somewhat into you too (or at least has a certain degree of interest in you). Needless to say, we texted everyday for the past 9 months. 

I keep playing your part
But it’s not my scene
Want this plot to twist
I’ve had enough mystery

Despite the intense texting, he was somewhat lukewarm in the face-to-face dating activity. He only started asking me out for dates in the 6th month of our game. Actually I should have picked up the slow signs as he did not take me seriously. But being a hopeful romantic, I chose to give him more time with some kind of delusional optimism. The thing is, instead of backing out or tossing me away, he chose to entertain and thus, string me along in his game. 

I’d wondered why’d it taken me so long
But Lord knows that I’m not you
And if I was I wouldn’t be so cruel
‘Cause waiting on love ain’t so easy to do

He finally dropped a bomb two weeks ago saying that he fell in love with someone who he just met for less than 5 days during his overseas trip. My first reaction is definitely WTF because is that even love. But who am I to say what’s and what’s not about love since love is a riddle to me. I confronted him to ask if he’s ever considering me. On text, he did say yes but he did not see us together. But when I met him, he told me that all along he did not have feeling at all. Plus, he did not think that his text is flirty and stuff. That’s how he text his friends normally. Which means, he text “I MISS YOU” and seind flirty emoticon to all his friends. Turns out Mr Arse-Angel is not only cruel, but also creepy. 

While I don’t really mind if he’s keeping his options open, I was really pissed when I find out that he just want to hang out with me as friends when he needs some kind of girlfriend-companion (or some ego boost) and then, he stop texting me altogether when he starts his relationship (expected actually). If all along he does not even consider me as friend, I wonder if I am just a used plastic bag in his textbook. Not exactly a nice way to treat someone. I don’t think he really has a real friend in life, the kind who will help you when you are in dire situation, with this kind of attitude. But that will not be my problem, for sure. 

No I can’t always be waiting waiting on you
I can’t always be playing playing your fool, fool

But I find that revenge is somewhat a hardwork which required both physical and emotional effort which I don’t feel like spending on Mr Arse-Angel. I suppose I should just move on because after all what does not kill you makes you stronger. 

Goodbye, Mr Arse-Angel.

Where to get Flan Normand: Paul Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #01-05, Singapore
Opening times: Daily 9AM - 9.30PM

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