5. The story of Momma Hero, The Tiramisu Hero

When I was small, I think superheroes are very cool especially the scenes where they are saving their loved ones (ahem, girlfriend). But, after incurring bruises and cuts while growing up, I realise that most of the times, you can only be your own hero. Because human is a not a secured being to put your hope and trust on. Despite the sour words, the Momma Hero (SGD 7.5) from the Tiramisu Hero taste rich and sweet enough although I would prefer it to have more alcoholic flavor inside the small jar. 
5. The Story of Mommahero, The Tiramisu Hero

After my encounter with Mr Arse-Angel and the bitter experience which followed, I had a feeling that I should really reflect on myself and realign some of my life goals. But then again, life goals are such a heavy words. Maybe I should start by editing my unemployed life’s to-do-list. 


1. Find new job
2. Lose weight
3. Revive dying love life Get back on track of reading
4. Write something

I’ve read somewhere online that an INFP tend to have a good skill of writing and I do enjoy writing stuff (albeit mostly nonsense). The thing is I lack discipline and motivation and I don’t really read book often. When you are working 9 to god-knows-what-time desk job, you totally have no motivation to read any book. All you wanna do is concuss on the bed. Such an irony, having salary and yet, no time to enjoy it. 

Editted to-do-list seems doable but I was kinda nervous if I’m about to end the year of 2017 by having no income. 

*picking up Murakami’s book because life’s dark* 

Where to get Momma Hero: 121 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore
Opening times: Sunday to Thursday 11AM - 10PM, Friday to Saturday 11AM - 12AM

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