12. The Story of Matcha Lava Cake, M Seven Cafe

12. The Story of Matcha Lava Cake, M Seven Cafe
It has been a while since the last time I eat the gooey melted lava cake. Lava cake is one of the desserts which is fun to consume. One is because it has a certain unique element to it. Once you have used your spoon to dig the inside of lava cake, certain liquid is expected to come out from the cake be it either matcha, chocolate, salted egg, depending on the filling used. M Seven Cafe’s rendition of matcha lava cake (SGD 8.5) is actually pretty good but I think it went a bit overboard on the toppings i.e. the chocolate sauce, the peanuts and the whipped cream. The chocolate ice cream used for the pairing of the lava cake is too sweet. I think dark chocolate ice cream will fare better because the matcha lava cake is already sweet. 
I am currently hooked with this Korean drama starring Lee Jong Suk and Suzy, While You Were Sleeping. I wonder if it’s the casting or the storyline, everything seems to come together beautifully and engage you in a don’t-want-to-stop-watching mood. I suppose the pretty faces of the actors and the actresses help to boost the drama too. After all, who does not enjoy looking at pretty people? I have been using drama as a consolation to cheer myself up whenever I have to look at someone whose attitude I loathe or someone who has hurt me before (and yet, still have to see the person at common event, etc). It does not healthy and it’s indeed sound like a temporary fix, but watching cute oppa on K-dramas help to wash off some dirt from your eyes given by reality. I hope I will encounter someone who treat me kindly without using me and all sort and hence, ending my K-drama addiction (or at least, destroy the distorted use of K-drama as consolation means). 
Where to get Matcha Lava Cake: M Seven Cafe, 1 Selegie Road, #01-12 Pomo, Singapore
Opening times: Daily 10AM - 10PM

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