3. The Story of Ondeh Ondeh Cake, FLO

This is the first time I had Ondeh Ondeh Cake in the 30 years of living on earth. Ondeh Ondeh is a traditional Indonesian green-colored balls of rice cake filled with liquid palm sugar and coated in grated coconut. It is those kind of cake you can buy at any wet market in Indonesia. Childhood memories. Quite surprised people turn it into the flavor of modern cake nowadays. While the taste is more or less the same, it lacks the oomph flavour of grated coconut. Maybe the cake would have tasted better if the filling between each layer is infused with grated coconut.

3. The Story of Ondeh Ondeh Cake, FLO

Do you often have dream in those limbo hour between waking up and yet, not waking up? I do. The thing is most of those dreams are neither prophecy or serious stuff about life. They are always weird. Even though, they look pretty interestingly similar to action movies at times. 

This morning, the dream is bordering on the line of strange and it was so full of kids who seem to be a mixture of my nephews, nieces and probably their friends. I was somewhat undecided whether I am stuck in IT movie or Stranger Things tv series. But either way, I was so drained in the dream. The dream was situated at my old house in Jakarta. I woke up in my own bedroom and yet the first thing that I saw is that there are two of my nieces sitting nearby just sleeping around on the same bed with me. Hmm, okay, so apparently the whole family from my Mom’s side seems to have invaded the house. 

I was looking for a room to spend what I usually do, personal me-time and yet all rooms are invaded. I ended up sitting on the chair on the sitting room and showed my frustrated look to my brother. This happended while there are so many kids (around kindergarden age) running around here and there. Oh my gawd, this started to feel like a bad dream really. I ended up venting my frustration to my journal laying on the table and the more I wrote, the more I saw my writing becomes uglier and uglier due to the frustration that I endured. 

I decided to wake up shortly after that because after all, it’s already 10AM on a Sunday morning. Hmm. 

Where to get the Ondeh Ondeh Cake: FLO Food Lovers Only, 2 Jurong Street East 21, #02-15A IMM
Opening times: Daily 11AM - 10PM

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