7. The Story of Exotique, Ciel Patisserie

It seems that the adventurous side of me has taken over my laziness for the past few days. I become more open to travel further (which is in Singapore standard involve few MRT stations + few bus stops from home) to try out new stuff. Having fellow adventurous cafehopping buddy helps a great deal in this Singapore version of cafe adventure of our lifetime. Ciel Patisserie, a small cafe located a few stops away from Serangoon MRT station, is a nice place to have cake and coffee. Its cakes remind me of Kki, those pretty little cakes with colorful coating. Exotique (SGD 6.40) is described as coconut bavarian creme, passion fruit cremeux, coconut joconde and coconut white chocolate crisp on the menu. In layman terms, it’s a coconut cake filled with passion fruit cream and white chocolate crisp at the bottom of the cake. Perfect cake for those people who prefer their cakes to be on the less sweet side because of the sweet and sour taste of passionfruit. 

7. The Story of Exotique, Ciel Patisserie


I have eaten many cakes for the past few days in view of my failed relationship. While this has helped a lot in mood, the new habit does not really help in terms of waist size. Engulfed with immediate fear over the moving needle on the scale, I quickly make a run to the gym. Gym membership in Singapore is definitely not cheap and yet, I am unable to let go of this membership. I have included gym as one of those places which I visit everyday because one session of gym class will help me to spend few hours of my, otherwise, free day. 

I expect the 3PM class to be empty because by right, most people are supposedly stuck in their office, trying to overcome their drowsiness after lunch. Today was an exception. The class was nearly as full as a weekend class. My curiosity encouraged me to take a 360 degrees view of the class to see what kind of people made it to the class. Most of them are in their 30s. 
Are all of us unemployed at the moment? Or do these people have find out the ultimate secret of work-life balance?

I wonder if I should do a quick survey to them one day. 

One day, when my crazy gut is higher than my common sense. 

Where to get Kimchi Toastie: 124 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-1444, Singapore
Opening times: Tues - Thurs 11AM to 8PM, Fri - Sat 11AM to 9PM, Sun 3 - 9PM, Closed on Mon 

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