8. The Story of Strawberry Mille Feuille, Paul

Mille Feuille is one of trademark pastries offered by Paul. While I usually go for the plain one, I decided to go for Strawberry Mille Feuille that night. The crispy golden puff pastry, strawberry creme-filled Napoleon cake topped with light apricot glaze. A lovely rendition in my belly. Sometimes I can’t really decide whether I like strawberry or chocolate better as the base for the cake. Hmm. 

8. The Story of Strawberry Mille Feuille, Paul
I am at the age where my peers are getting married (and even have babies) one by one. At this stage of life, I come to realisation that my close friends are mainly made of singles. Old articles written by the Guardian and BBC have confirmed that statistically, you tend to lose friends for a relationship at the ratio of 1:2 (losing 2 close friends from 1 relationship). Oh wow, isn’t that a bummer?
But then again, love for your partner is definitely bigger than your love for close friends. So I suppose this what make people who are getting in relationship to somewhat “ditch” their close friends. The intimacy of a relationship after all correlates very tightly with the frequency of your interactions with those individuals. Needless to say, if you don’t even bother to make effort to still see your friend, the emotional engagement that you have with them will drop. Being at the receiving end of this treatment, I even say that the level can drop to the irreparable stage i.e. the stage where I don’t bother to ignite our friendship ever again. After all, who want to be treated like a convenient friend?
But then again, since this seems to be a worldwide MO (and I probably would be swept through the same MO if I get into relationship again, despite my strong willpower not to), I suppose this is one of those pet-peeve that you just have to endure and get it by as long as you are still living on earth. Sucks, but nobody’s perfect.  

Where to get Strawberry Mille Feuille: Paul, 3 Gateway Drive, #01-05 Westgate, Singapore
Opening hours: Daily 9AM - 9.30PM

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