10. The Story of Checkers, Lady M Confections

Lady M’s Checkers reminded me of the cake which I used to eat when I was young. Everytime anybody go to the market, I will ask the person to help me buy checkers. Although the price of the Checkers cake which I used to eat when I was small is definitely nowhere near Lady M’s price because it was sold in the wet market in third world country. Lady M’s rendition of Checkers cake weaves together a precise and tender checkerboard of vanilla and chocolate sponge cake. The light fresh whipped cream comes tucked between the squares, outfitted in a silky dark chocolate ganache. 

10. The Story of Checkers, Lady M


I am currently into Korean indie band, the Black Skirts. Since I heard one of their songs titled “Til the End of Time” which was prominently featured in Another Oh Hae Young drama everytime handsome Eric has his screentime, I had fallen in love with this one man band. I find that his songs that I like are usually the bittersweet ones (probably because my life is not all sweet and candies all the time). 

사실 난 지금 기다린 만큼 더 
기다릴 수 있지만 
왠지 난 지금 이 순간이 우리의 마지막일 것 같아

How long can you wait for your love to come back?

When the love come back after hurting you, would you give a chance?

Where to get Checkers: Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #01-27, 02-07, Singapore
Opening times: Daily 11AM - 10PM

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