9. The Story of Churros, Common Man Coffee Roasters

I’ve never been to Spain but I like the taste of churros, especially when you dip them into the chocolate sauce. I seldom eat churros in Singapore though. The last time I ate them was at Common Man Coffee Roasters and 2 sticks of Common Man Churros costs SGD 12.50. I wonder if this kind of price tag can be considered a crime in Spain. 

9. The Story of Churros, CMSR
During my patchy relationship with Mr Arse Angel, I’ve met so many of my friends for advice. While I’m grateful for their advice, I kinda develop a degree of skepticism towards my own confidants at the same time. I hate to feel this way but I could not help it. Because most human beings have this thing called double standard. 
When I am at the more comfortable/ secured stage of my life, I find it’s easy to give advice to other people whose life is not all rosy and rainbow. Ironically, that does not mean that I will follow my own advice when the same situation happen to me. Taking this widespread human behaviour into, it’s hard for me to listen to any advice without a pinch of salt. 

I suppose you should never really invest 100% in everything in life unless you receive words of affirmation from God. 

There goes the simple things. 

Where to get Churros: Common Man Coffee Roasters, 22 Martin Road, #01-00
Opening times: Monday to Friday 7.30AM - 5PM, Saturday to Sunday 7.30AM - 6PM

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