Oink Noona: The Tiramisu Hero, Farrer Park

"I am happy on my own, so here I'll stay. 
Save your lovin' arms for a rainy day.
And I'll find comfort in my pain."

Anyeong! It's only Monday but Noona has already feeling the pain of working with an idiot. A lazy idiot, to make it worse. Noona has been merciful enough to give him chance to do a certain work for two days (plus weekend if he's desperate enough) but being a lazy bum, obviously the fella did not even bother to try. And today he has the guts to say he had not done it and yet he decided to go home anyway because he's not feeling well. Noona tried so hard to sympathise with the fact that he's not feeling well but to be honest with you, will boss care if Noona is the one who's dying and her work is not done? Nah. Working with this kind of pain-in-the-ass is really more painful than choosing to do the work by yourself, really. So like what Ed Sheeran said in his song, Eraser, I'd rather finding comfort in my pain rather then asking this asshole's help (love's not even involved here).

Right, thanks for letting Noona relieve the burden off her chest (not that you have a choice actually..hahaha) but let's explore the next cafe on the list, The Tiramisu Hero.

Oink Noona: The Tiramisu Hero, Farrer Park

 The funny thing is, Noona and her cafehopping buddy did not actually plan to visit The Tiramisu Hero when they made their way to Jalan Besar which is around Farrer Park area. They wanted to go to the neighbouring Creamier but they were told that the waiting time for a table for 2 is one hour. One freaking hour.

The Tiramisu Hero Signboard at Farrer Park

Since we have been denied entry to Creamier, we proceeded to this cute cafe named The Tiramisu Hero. The cafe even has its own mascot, the cat. Meow Hero? Noona wonders if the owner does love cat or there are cats who love eating tiramisu. Hmm, totally no idea. 

Welcome to the Tiramisu Hero at Farrer Park

Food served in The Tiramisu Hero in a glance. It's quite hard to read the menu on the wall because of the dimmed lighting to be honest with you. 

Tiramisu Hero Menu on the Wall

But the decoration of The Tiramisu Hero is so nice and fun to look at. Even a simple (oh wait, it does not look simple) lamp decoration  looks so cool. 

Cute decoration at the Tiramisu Hero at Farrer Park

Peeking Meow's head. It seems that The Tiramisu Hero has its own merchandises and souvenirs too. 

Souvenir at the Tiramisu Hero at Farrer Park

Some take away desserts are available for sale on the counter table. 

Hot Cocoa Mix from Tiramisu Hero at Farrer Park

Since the name of the cafe is The Tiramisu Hero, Noona feels that she should go for the tiramisu. There are three size of tiramisu offered at The Tiramisu Hero: Minihero (SGD 3.50 - 4.50), Mommahero (SGD 7.50 - 9.50), and Noonahero (SGD 17.50 - 22.50). We ordered Mommahero because the menu said it's for 2 people sharing but Noona thinks she can finish the whole jar herself if she wants too. What a glutton. Hahahaha.

Tiramisu in a bottle at the Tiramisu Hero at Farrer Park

The packaging is so cute though although none of us brought back the plastic jar. However, despite the cute packaging, the tiramisu tastes so so. Noona feels that there is not enough liquor inside the tiramisu. 

Momma Hero at the Tiramisu Hero at Farrer Park

In addition to the tiramisu, we also ordered the most interesting non-caffeine drink on the menu, Iced Bailey Chocolate. It tastes like chocolate milk with a droplet of Bailey. Yummy and yet, you have to go to the gym the next day to burn the calorie. Oh well. 

Iced Chocolate Bailey from the Tiramisu Hero at Farrer Park

The Tiramisu Hero is located at: 

121 Tyrwhitt Road
(The road is situated next to Jalan Besar Stadium)

Opening hours:

Daily 11AM - 10PM

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