Oink Noona: Milk & Honey Artisan Yoghurt & Dessert Bar, Marina Square

"We'll run wild, we'll be glowing in the dark."

Anyeong! It has been a long time since the last time Noona wrote something on her blog. If you are wondering what's she been up to recently, well, nothing much to be honest. Except for the fact that she has become lazier and lazier and hence, turned into Oink Noona. The idea for Oink Noona is that since Noona has been eating so much lately, she will share with you what's nice and what's not and even her latest attempt to lose weight by eating out (no cooking allowed at Oink Noona's rented place). So let's start the premiere of Oink Noona blog series by something sweet, shall we?

Last Monday, Oink Noona and her chingu needed to recover badly from Monday blues and hence, they made their way to Milk & Honey Artisan Yoghurt & Dessert Bar at Marina Square to have a bite of yoghurt parfait.

Oink Noona: Milk & Honey, Marina Square

You can create your own parfait but if you do not want to think so much about what goes well with what. We are more of the latter so we just spent our time looking at the choices listed under Signature Yogurt Parfaits board. 

Signature yoghurt parfait from Milk & Honey at Marina Square

When you are confused about what to order, you can take a look at the various type of toppings provided first to give you certain degree of encouragement. Noona finds the toppings offered by Milk & Honey seem to be yummier than Llao Llao's. 

Yoghurt toppings from Milk & Honey at Marina Square

After meditating and discussing for 5 minutes, we have decided to share Honey Velvet yogurt parfait (SGD 6.8). The parfait comes with red velvet bits, cereal flakes, chocolate pieces, vanilla macaron and a drizzle of honey. 

Honey Yoghurt Parfait from Milk & Honey at Marina Square

While we were happily eating the parfait, the chingu suddenly gave Noona the snack loot from Japan. Aww, she's such a sweet friend and she knows what Noona loves. SNACKS. 

Japanese snacks from Milk & Honey at Marina Square

For belated birthday gift, Noona also received Line Friends fur blanket. Brown and Cony feel so happy sleeping under the blanket now. =)

Line Friends Fur Blanket from Korea

Milk & Honey Artisan Yoghurt & Dessert Bar is located at:

#03-128, Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard

Opening hours:

Daily 11AM - 10PM

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