Oink Noona: Nassim Hill Bakery, Tanglin

"And if you hurt me, that's okay baby, only words bleed. 
Inside these pages you just hold me, and I won't ever let you go."

Anyeong midweek. Surprisingly Noona still has not felt the pressure to work beyond 9PM yet until today. She wonders if she has reached the point of no return in terms of heck-caring or she is just too chill to slave and laze instead. Either way, she's living her resolution for 2017 and let's hope no one else in the office got jealous and started picking up on her just because she'd rather enjoy her life than slaving in office. Eat that! 

Talking about eating, Noona has just visited Nassim Hill Bakery on Good Friday. She has just finished watching the latest Fast and Furious movie (it's the 8th one probably) and the movie is so full of action. The review for the movie is not that good and yet she enjoys watching the high actions inside the movie. After all, she enjoys watching simple story plot. Hahaha.

Oink Noona: Nassim Hill Bakery, Tanglin

Nassim Hill Bakery is situated at Nassim Hill Road which is a small lane opposite Tanglin Mall. Noona had to walk for a bit from Orchard MRT to reach the cafe but she did not mind the exercise as the weather was quite okay that day. Nassim Hill Bakery offers special menu for April such as hot cross buns and afternoon tea set and even, ladies night and birthday bottle. Seems to be a cafe suitable for all occasions. 

April Specials Menu from Nassim Hill Bakery at Tanglin

However, Noona and her movie-buddy were more interested in checking out Nassim Hill Bakery's dinner menu. Despite the word "Bakery" in its name, Nassim Hill Bakery offers quite a fair range of food from salads to pasta and pizza. 

Food menu from Nassim Hill Bakery at Tanglin

The cafe is quite cozy and laid back to have a good chat over dinner. We came around 6ish and there were not many people inside the cafe. Probably because it was a long weekend and a lot of people are overseas for travelling. But in any case, we are not fan of a crowd so we enjoyed our chat here. 

Nassim Hill Bakery at Nassim Hill Road Tanglin

The dim ambience of the cafe also makes it nice to chill and relax while chewing your food slowly. Hahaha.

Nice ambience at Nassim Hill Bakery at Tanglin

We ordered two main dishes since we did not want to repeat our previous mistakes of over-ordering. Yes, we do have a series of over-ordering situations in the course of our cafe-hopping adventures. Movie buddy wanted to eat burger somehow that day so she ordered Nassim Hill Double Decker Burger (SGD 20). Just like its name, there are two beef patties inside that burger. The burger is served with a bowl full of fries. The beef patties taste a tad on the dry side but the sauce in the burger is pretty tasty. Obviously there's nothing wrong with the fries. Nothing can get wrong with fries to be honest with you. Hahaha.

Nassim Hill Double Decker Burger from Nassim Hill Bakery Tanglin

The next dish looks like something soggy and yucky but this is actually a pasta dish which is served under a generous serving of chili crab sauce. The sauce and the crab meats are so generous up to the point you cannot see the spaghetti underneath the yummy mess. Noona ended up dipping her fries in this yummilicious sauce. 

Chili Crab Pasta from Nassim Hill Bakery Tanglin

Nassim Hill Bakery is located at: 

56 Tanglin Road
#01-03 Tanglin Post Office

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 8AM - 11PM
Closed on Mondays

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