Oink Noona: Nigiro Cafe, Esplanade Mall

"I came along, I wrote a song for you, and all the things you do. And it was called Yellow."

So then I took my turn, oh what a thing to have done~~~~ This song always can make Noona feeling high no matter what the situation whether she's struggling at work, standing in the train, sitting in her room or lazing on her bed. The song works for all kind of #currentmood too from happy, sad and even meh. Coldplay is really the best band in the world! While singing along, Noona and her eating buddy were trying to find their way back to a cafe that they randomly spotted while exploring Esplanade Mall en route to Suzette.

Oink Noona: Nigiro Cafe, Esplanade Mall

The cafe looks cozy and nice and there were not many people at dinner time on a Saturday. Not sure if that's normal or bad for business though. Hahaha. 

Nigiro Cafe at Esplanade Mall Singapore

Nigiro Cafe seems to be a Japanese Italian restaurant because the decoration of the cafe kinda remind you of Italian restaurant. The comfy home diner that kind. Not that Noona has ever been to Italy though. 

Decoration at Nigiro Cafe at Esplanade Mall

Talking about Italy, a friend of Noona has just shared on her FB that it's so freaking dangerous for anybody travelling alone in Italy. She boarded on a regional train from Verona to Venezia and then, there were 2-3 people dressed up neatly who chose to sit in front of her despite the fact that there were many empty seats in the train. One of them tried to engage Noona's friend in conversation in Italian language and tried to borrow her phone charger. Noona's friend replied in Italian that she's using it. The funny thing is after she said that, the man took out his own charger and Noona's friend started to get suspicious. Cause who on earth ask to borrow other people's charger when he has his own charger, really. After a while, these men moved along and left the train at the next station. Thankfully nothing has happened to Noona's friend and her belongings. So damn cunning and annoying these pests. Really. 

Cozy dinner at Nigiro Cafe Esplanade Mall

While travel stories are being shared, our food has finally came to our table. Nigiro Cafe offers pasta, pizza and main dishes in their menu. They have also embraced the high technology of using Ipad to show menu instead of paper menu. Since it is a Japanese Italian restaurant (kinda reminded Noona of Ma Maison at Bugis), you can see a lot of fusion dishes between Japanese and Italian cooking. For instance, this is Nigiro Cafe's rendition of Kinoko Pasta. Kinoko is a type of mushroom in Japan. Nigiro Cafe mix them and bacon with spaghetti and serve them up in cream sauce (carbonara). 

Kinoko Pasta from Nigiro Cafe Esplanade Mall

We were in the mood to eat pizza too so we ordered a plate of Mentaiko Potato Pizza. This pizza taste so cheesy and super filling for two people because of it is heavily loaded with carbo (pizza dough + potato = overkill). A superb food to destroy your diet but other than that, the pizza taste pretty good to be honest with you. Hahaha. 

Mentaiko Potato Pizza from Nigiro Cafe at Esplanade Mall

Nigiro Cafe is located at: 

 Esplanade Mall #02-14, 8 Raffles Ave  

  Opening hours:

       Daily 12 - 11PM      

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