Oink Noona: Creamery Boutique Ice Cream, Farrer Park

"There's no need to complicate, our time is short."

Today is Friday and yet it's so hard to be chill like how Noona is usually is on a Friday because Noona's friend in office is going through a trouble. In a gist, there has been a miscommunication within our team member which resulted in some stuff not reported timely to the tax authority. And this may result in penalty to our workplace. Nothing is a good news when it involves some kind of "loss" to the boss no matter how big or tiny the amount is so yeah, Noona has been busy consoling her friend throughout the day. Sometimes she wonders why work has become so complicated up to the point everybody is busy and tired and start to make mistake.

That's why it is so important to enjoy weekend to the fullness whenever it arrives. Last weekend, Noona and her cafehopping buddy finally managed to get seats at Creamery Boutique Ice Creams (after one hour of waiting, nonetheless).

Oink Noona: Creamery, Farrer Park

The one hour waiting time is probably partly because the ice cream boutique is not big in size and hence, only manages to accommodate a few table and chairs. The concept of the dessert sold at Creamery Boutique Ice Cream is a set of cookie and ice cream. The idea is to serve cold ice cream on a lava/ non-lava cookie. 

Cookie set menu from Creamery at Farrer Park

The lava cookies will crack and ooze out its fillings whereby the non-lava cookies stay sturdy and solid even when you put a scoop of ice cream on it. Creamery has beverages too but we are not interested in the beverages menu at all. 

Cookie, ice cream and beverages menu from Creamery at Farrer Park

Some nice decoration beneath the menu at the black board. The menu on the blackboard is not that complete so it's better to take a look at the paper menu instead. 

Creamier at Jalan Besar at Farrer Park

Some of the flavour of the ice cream to select from include Piko Piko (tiramisu coffee flavour), Sugus (a brand of sweets from the past), Strawberry, Matcha, Thai Tea and classic flavour such as chocolate and vanilla. You can ask for tester first before deciding which ice cream you would like to have with your cookie. 

Ice cream flavour at Creamery Farrer Park

Since it took a lot of effort just to get a table at Creamery Boutique Ice Cream, we decided to pig a bit and order two cookie sets. The first set is called Red Devil (SGD 8.90) as it consists of Red Velvet Cream Cheese Lava Cookie and one scoop of ice cream. We chose Milo Dinosaur ice cream to pair with the red velvet cookie. But when the waitress press the cookie, the cream cheese filling did not really ooze out like what we expected it to be. 

Lava cookie red velvet cream cheese from Creamier at Farrer Park

In fact, the cream cheese filling was only oozing out from one direction. We found this kinda anti-climax to be honest with you. 

Milo Dinosaur on Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cookie from Creamier at Farrer Park

The waitress came back to pour topping which seems to be Milo powder on the whole cookie + ice cream set. Still not impressed with the lack of oozing cream cheese inside our red velvet cookie here. Taste wise, it was not bad. Red velvet and milo make a pretty good combination apparently. 

Milo Dinosaur ice cream on Red Velvet Cookie with topping from Creamier at Farrer Park

The next cookie set that we ordered is Brownie (SGD 7.90) which consists of a non-lava Brownie cookie and one scoop of ice cream. We paired our brownie cookie with Piko Piko ice cream. Since it is a non-lava cookie, we left it aside to finish our Red Devil first. 

Tiramisu ice cream on Brownie cookie from Creamier at Farrer Park

But when we were going to move on with our second cookie set, the Piko Piko ice cream has started to melt and creating a great visual for our Instagram. Taste-wise, Noona thinks she's about to have diabetes after eating this sugar + sugar combination which leads to sugar overload. Okay, morale of the story is tiramisu + brownie is an overkill. Don't do this unless you have an extremely high tolerance of sugar. 

Tiramisu ice cream on brownie cookie at Creamier

Creamery Boutique Ice Cream is located at: 

139 Tyrwhitt Road, #01-03

Nearest MRT: Farrer Park

Opening hours:

Daily (except Thursday) 11AM - 10PM
Closed on Thursday

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