Oink Noona: Masizzim, 313 Somerset

"Oh you make me feel like I'm alive again"

It's finally Fridaaaaaayyyyy. And yet Noona could only leave her office at 9.20PM. Heck. Okay, Noona should not really complain though because some colleagues have been going through hellish week and one of them even stayed until 5.30AM to do work. Crazy much? She thinks so but what can you do if the crazy deadline is set up by those high above.

Right, since this week has been so heavy, there is no reason to diet during lunch time. After all it's a TGIF lunch. Noona and her colleague went to eat some Korean food at Masizzim. 

Oink Noona: Masizzim, 313 Somerset

Masizzim is located at basement level of 313 Somerset and the restaurant specialises in Korean stew. It has various kind of stews from normal beef rib, spicy seafood beef, spicy seafood and pork rib stew. Since the most popular dish seems to be the beef rib stew, we ordered a portion of it. The waiter suggested both of us to shared one pot because the portion is meant to be two person serving. Noona loves the spicy and flavourful taste of the stew broth and you cannot help not to eat rice when you eat this stew. Seriously, it tastes so good when eaten together with rice. Hahaha. 

Korean Beef Rib Stew from Masizzim at 313 Somerset

While eating the beef stew, Noona's colleague suddenly remembered to pass a souvenir to Noona since she was just been at Florence for holiday. Noona wonders what's inside this lovely paper bag. 

Gift from colleague from Florence Italy

It turns out to be a specifically crafted wood art and it's "F" because Noona's name starts with F. Not because Noona likes to curse definitely, she hopes. XD

Wood Art from Florence Italy

At night, Noona still gets hungry as usual and since Friday night is the best time to binge-watch a lot of TV shows, here comes the chocolate chip cookie dough Ben & Jerry's tub. Yummy. #heavenonearth

Chocolate Cookie Dough Ben & Jerry Ice Cream

Masizzim is located at: 

313 Orchard Road, #B3-02
313 Somerset

Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday 11AM - 10PM
Friday and Saturday 11AM - 11PM

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