4D3N Bali Trip: Eat Well, Seminyak

"Cause maybe someday, we'll figure all this out. We'll put an end to all our doubt."

Anyeong from Bali! Noona is currently reliving its Balinese experience from her humble bode in Singapore where she lives the reality of her life. Hahaha. Haiz, the pressure of life makes her having a pain in her stomach now (wait, maybe it's the period not the life per se). Back then, Dongsaeng has spent a lot of quality time with his best pal (literally spent the whole night until morning Noona tell you) and the best pal suggested him to try Eat Well. Eat Well is located in the hipster area of Seminyak and we managed to eat here at our last night in Bali.

4D3N Bali Trip: Eat Well, Seminyak

Eat Well is a restaurant specialising in steak. It especially offers a lot of pork meat from ribs to steak to burger. But you don't have to suck thumb if you don't really like to eat pork because Eat Well also has alternatives to the non pork-eater fellas such as lamb, fish, beef and chicken. 

Food Menu from Eat Well at Seminyak Bali

Cousin has been complaining about not eating enough greens but the Garden Salad served at Eat Well does not seem to be healthy in the slightest because it is served with crispy bacon and yummy BBQ sauce. At least, cousin did get to eat her fresh greens before the whole thing is condemned under the sauce and crispy bacon. Hahaha.

Crispy bacon green salad from Eat Well at Seminyak

Dongsaeng obviously does not give a care in the world about the greens and went straight to the crispy pork belly. Noona wonders where do the fats from all these food go into his body because he is so bloody skinny for goodness sake. The sauce for the pork belly is so good by the way. 

Crispy Pork Belly from Eat Well at Seminyak Bali

Not satisfied by meat alone, Dongsaeng also insisted that we should order the butter rice too. It does taste good when you eat the crispy pork belly together with the rice to be honest with you. 

Butter rice from Eat Well at Seminyak Bali

The aunties were a bit sick of eating pork because it seems that our foodie adventure in Bali has been involving a lot of pork meats (the Balinese cook awesome pork dishes, mind you). So we ordered grilled chicken for them. It's served with two kind of sauce, once is spinach mayo and the other one is ranch sauce. Grilled chicken taste okay. 

Grilled Chicken from Eat Well at Seminyak Bali

Oh wait, apparently all dishes here come together with the spinach mayo and ranch sauce. Here is the pork ribs. While the pork ribs taste not bad, Noona still prefers the one cooked by Iiga Warung. 

Pork ribs from Eat Well at Seminyak Bali

Last but not least, Omma wanted some fish. Okay omma, anything to please you but obviously the fish gonna taste so so. Hahaha. 

Fish Fillet from Eat Well at Seminyak Bali

Eat Well is located at: 
Jalan Raya Basangkasa No 36
Seminyak, Kuta

Opening hours: 

Daily 10AM - 11PM

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