Oink Noona: I Am, Haji Lane

"I'll be taking my time, spending my life. 
Falling deeper in love with you."

Anyeong and happy weekend to everybody. It is a very hot Saturday morning but all seems well when you do not have to crawl your way to office. Noona has tried to do all kind of efforts possible during the weekdays to avoid coming back to office on weekend. No no no. Especially when the aircon is turned off on weekend. Oh my gawd. She's surely gonna melt in the office in this kind of scenario.

Thankfully the worst possible story line from the corporate jungle has been avoided. And Noona can continue her cafe-hopping adventure in peace. Clap clap clap. Last Saturday, she and her cafe-hopping buddy decided to explore one of the hipster area in Singapore, Haji Lane and its surroundings. We originally wanted to try out The Hangar but the cafe was closed for the rest of the day at 5.30PM-ish. Crazy.  So we switched venue to I Am instead.

Oink Noona: I Am, Haji Lane

I Am offers main dishes such as burgers, sandwich and pizza. All the dishes served here is halal and hence, this cafe is pretty popular with the Muslim. The burgers look pretty delicious from the picture really. 

Food menu from I Am at Haji Lane

It has been hot since last Saturday so Noona was really in a dire need of a cold drinks. No alcohol served at I Am for sure because otherwise they cannot retain their halal certificate. But mocktails are available and I Am has a pretty interesting range of mocktails. 

Drink menu from I Am at Haji Lane

After we have made our order, we looked around at the cafe's decoration. A lot of street signs from what seems to be the Netherlands, not sure why. Maybe someone has just come back from the country. They do make a pretty good pillar decoration though. Hahaha. 

I Am at Haji Lane at Bugis Singapore

Here comes our mocktails, one glass of Lychee Virgin Mojito (SGD 6.90) and Bushramint (SGD 6.90). Virgin Lychee Mojito is pretty self-explanatory while the Bushramint is supposedly the most popular drink in I Am's menu and its a refreshing citrus-based concoction with orange slices. Taste not bad. Both of the mocktails are pretty good for hot weather. 

Fancy drinks from I Am at Haji Lane Bugis

Few minutes later, our burgers have finally arrived. The Boss Burger (SGD 17.90) is supposedly come with charcoal burger but there's nothing so charcoal-ly when the burger came to our table. It is a pretty tall burger though because it is filled with huge patty (which claimed to be marinated with 7 different herbs), sautéed mushroom, turkey bacon and special sauce. No description on what kind of 7 different herbs used to infuse the beef patty with and there's no way I Am gonna tell what kind of sauce they are using for the burger. But anyway at the end of the day, the burger tastes good and that's what really matter. 

The Boss Burger from I Am at Haji Lane Bugis

Oh turned out the charcoal buns are used for the Soft Shell Crab Burger (SGD 16.90) instead. The soft shell crab burger has crispy soft-shell crab with pickled beetroot and wasabi mayonaisse. The wasabi taste is not that strong so you don't have to worry about putting them in your mouth. Noona wish they serve fries with the burger as well because she does not really like the tortillas. They are soggy and not crispy at all. Other than that, the burger taste pretty good. I Am serves pretty decent and nice burgers after all. 
Soft shell crab burger from I Am at Haji Lane Bugis

A lot of orders made for the colourful rainbow cakes but the cake is HUGE and we were pretty stuffed from the burgers. So we decided to give it a miss this round. There's a rainbow crepe too on the menu but let's save it for another day. 

Rainbow cakes from I Am at Haji Lane Bugis

I Am is located at: 

674 North Bridge Road

Nearest MRT: Bugis

Opening hours: 

Monday to Thursday - 11AM to 11PM
Friday and Saturday - 11AM to 1AM
Sunday - 11AM to 10PM

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