Oink Noona: Kith, Millenia Walk

"Cause all I know is we said hello and your eyes look like coming home."

Nothing is worse than getting sick on Monday morning and there is no way you can take any sick leave at all this week because by doing that, you will make yourself more miserable the next day. Why is that so? Because you have to endure longer working hours to finish what you did not do the day before. What is this vicious cycle of corporate slave?

Noona's method of dealing with light flu symptom like runny nose is (a) Take a lot of Vitamin C, (b) Eating healthier i.e. No fried food and preferably something soupy and (c) Don't be too hardworking at work. So she heck everything at work and went home at 6PM sharp. The thing is despite you are being sick, that does not mean you can immediately go to bed after eating dinner. So here she is with a runny nose to nurse (all the meds expire, wtf), writing away her latest Oink adventure with her friend at Kith at Millenia Walk.

Oink Noona: Kith, Millenia Walk

Noona went to Kith once at the outlet located at Park Mall in Dhoby Ghaut area but as far as she remembers, Kith only serves pasta back then. But now, it seems that Kith has expanded on their food offers because the restaurant serves a variety of dishes from sandwich to wrap to pasta. 

Food menu from Kith at Millenia Walk

Oink buddy decided to have her favourite aglio olio with bacon. Kith is very generous in the toppings of the aglio aglio and oink buddy really enjoys her food very much. The aglio olio is on spicier side too especially if you accidentally bite off the chili. 

Bacon Aglio Olio from Kith at Millenia Walk

Bored with pasta, Noona decided to have Mango Chicken Wrap instead. The wrap is served with a generous portion of greens. Noona can taste the tangy feeling of the mango sauce inside the wrap in a good way because tangy is a tricky flavour to play with. Generally, we are quite happy with the food served at Kith. May be back one day to try out more of its dishes. The outlet at Millenia Walk is not too crowded and hence, nice for an evening chat with a friend. 

Mango Chicken Wrap from Kith at Millenia Walk

Kith is located at: 

9 Raffles Boulevard #01-44/45
Millenia Walk

Nearest MRT: Promenade 

Opening hours:

Daily 8AM - 10PM

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