Oink Noona: Gyozaya, Robinsons Orchard

"I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend."

Anyeong! Happy Saturday everybody. Noona has just reached home after an "oh-no-I-ate-a-lot-again" kind of Saturdate. But it's hard not to eat while you are out with your best pal and talking about a lot of stuff under the sun. Noona does not have a lot of friends but she has been blessed with a few awesome buddies which she can discuss about basically anything in life from work, current crush, world, celebrities, travel, and the list goes on and on and on. We decided to chat over plates of gyoza tonight at Gyozaya.

Oink Noona: Gyozaya, Robinsons Orchard

There are two branches of Gyozaya in Singapore and both branches are located at Orchard area. One is located at ION Orchard while the other is located at Robinsons Orchard. If you prefer to dine in the quieter place, you should go for the branch at Robinsons Orchard. Just like its name, Gyozaya is famous for its gyoza (re: Japanese pan-fried dumplings). Gyozaya serves a variety of gyoza with different toppings that you probably have never tried before like cheese, chicken curry and even mentaiko (the Japs really love to put mentaiko on almost everything). 

Special gyoza menu from Gyozaya at Robinsons Orchard

Since both Noona and her pal are big eater, they know for sure that they would not be filled with gyoza alone unless they order maybe more than 5 plates of gyoza so they decided to order some carbs to go with their gyoza. Noona ordered a bowl of Garlic Fried Rice which tastes so damn good (nothing can go wrong with fried rice, really!). 

Garlic fried rice from Gyozaya at Robinsons Orchard

While Noona's pal went for Japanese rendition Jya-Jya Men (which Noona thinks is the counterpart of Korean jajjangmyeon). There is an instruction available on the leaflet provided on every table how to mix the black bean sauce and the condiments on the table. So, any customer who orders Jya-Jya Men will be able to enjoy the noodle after mixing them in the right way. Noona still prefers the Korean rendition of black bean noodle though. 

Jya Jya Men from Gyozaya at Robinsons Orchard

The two hungry girls opted for three type of gyoza: Mentaiko Miso, Normal and Cheese flavoured gyoza. 

Assorted gyoza from Gyozaya at Robinsons Orchard

Noona loves mentaiko taste so she enjoys Gyozaya's rendition of Mentaiko Miso Gyoza. It gives a different kick to otherwise a normal savoury gyoza. 

Pan fried dumpling with mentaiko miso from Gyozaya

However, if you don't like your gyoza to be fanciful, you should really stick to the original flavour because it's "cleaner" in a way. Don't forget to use the special gyoza sauce to dip your dumpling into. 

Pan-fried dumpling with pork from Gyozaya at Robinsons Orchard

The cheese gyoza turns out to be quite heavy on Noona's palette after a few bites of eating this gyoza with the garlic fried rice. Pouring chili powder on it kinda helps to fight the "too much" taste though. Spicy taste is the solution to make any food taste better for any Indonesian living in this world. Hahahaha. 

Pan-fried dumpling with cheese from Gyozaya at Robinsons Orchard

Gyozaya is located at: 

260 Orchard Road, #B1-02A
Robinsons Heeren

Operating hours:

Daily 11.30AM - 10PM

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