Oink Noona: Chi-Bing, Star Vista

"Cause in a sky, in a sky full of stars, I think I see you."

Someone seriously just made Noona nearly choked on her food from laughing while reading a text on her phone. Since we had watched Coldplay while they played a gig two weeks ago, we had been texting each other lyrics from Coldplay's songs. But to be honest with you some of their song lyrics are not so easy to text. And yet we did it anyway with a lot of oh-oh-oh-oh or ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo and eh-eh-eh-eh. It's just hilarious it makes Noona laughed (and nearly choked at the same time). This sweet texting aside, Noona wonder where is this relationship is going. But she's just gonna enjoy the ride for now. :)

Anyeong! Sorry for the long #currently post but Noona can't help not posting that funny slice-of-life story of herself. Hahaha. Last Tuesday Noona was in dilemma on whether she wanted to work late or met her high school friends for a catch up session. But boss was away for half day external seminar so that means who-cares-about-showing-face-in-office day. And here we were at Chi-Bing for a yummy Korean meal. 

Oink Noona: Chi-Bing, Star Vista

Before dinner buddy texted Noona about Chi-Bing, she has absolutely no idea that there is such Korean restaurant at the Star. This is notwithstanding the fact that Noona visits the Star every Sunday for church service. The restaurant is located pretty hidden to be honest with you. In order to find Chi-Bing, you need to find District 10 first (i.e. Next door restaurant) and in order to find District 10 you need to make a circling way from inside the Star to explore the verandah section of the building and you will see Chi-Bing at the corner. My goodness. 

Dinner at Chi Bing Star Vista

Like many other Korean restaurants in Singapore, Chi-Bing offers food menu at two different prices (lunch and dinner). The price of the food is more expensive for dinner time as usual. Sad. But since there are three of us, we could order something which has big portion to share and that way, the price will somehow be cheaper. Hehehe. 

Food menu from Chi Bing at Star Vista

One of Noona's friend is a very fond fan of a Korean dish named Budae Jjigae (Korean Army's Stew in English). Historically, this food become famous in Korea after Korean War as food has become scarce back then after the war. The U.S. Military shares surplus of food with the surrounding Korean people who lives near the base and guess what the surplus food are. They are spam, sausage and ham and the Korean cook these food together with kimchi and gochujang (red chili paste). 

So yeah, this is how the modern interpretation of the Budae Jjigae. The main ingredients of spam and sausage are still the same but nowadays, more meat can be added inside the stew. In addition, ramen and rice cake are usually also added in the stew together with cheese as the toppings on top. Yummy for sharing under the rainy weather. 

Budae Jiggae from Chi Bing at Star Vista

Chi-Bing staff gave us complimentary steamed egg because of our order of Budae Jjigae. The steamed egg must be consumed immediately while it is still hot. Otherwise it will not taste that good anymore. Customers are also allowed to take the side dishes as many as they want. The side dishes are kimchi, seaweed, macaroni pasta, and seasoned tofu. 

Steamed Egg from Chi Bing at Star Vista

Generally the Korean Army's Stew taste so so but Noona thinks there are potential with the other dishes served at Chi-Bing so she will probably come back to try out other stuff here. 

Chi-Bing is located at:

#01-43/K4 The Stars Avenue
Star Vista

Nearest MRT: Buona Vista

Opening hours: 

Monday to Friday 11.30AM - 3PM, 5.30PM - 10PM
Saturday and Sunday 11AM - 3PM, 5.30PM - 10PM

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