What's IU doing now?

Hahaha this is a pretty random post but Noona can't help but wondering where is IU and what is she doing now. Sounds like stalker, she knows. =P

So, as usual, she employs her friends to find out about IU and it turned out IU is currently busy shooting for a historical drama titled Moon Lovers. The drama has the same storyline as its Chinese counterpart, Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jing Xin). IU looks so pretty in her costume, oh my gawd. Noona totally fell in love. #forbiddenlove 

What's IU doing now?

Since the story of Moon Lovers will be set in historical period, you will be able to see IU in a various color of hanbok. Aww. The pink hanbok looks so pretty on her.

IU in Moon Lovers drama filming

Another still cut shows IU in another different set of Hanbok. Even though the story is supposedly sad and full of political evil (as usual, Joseon type of storyline), Noona can't wait to see IU in so many beautiful costumes.

stillcut of IU from Moon Lovers set

IU, fighting! 

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