Missha x Line Friends Make Up Collaboration is Now for Sale in Singapore

Finally the Missha x Line Friends make up ranges is available for grab at Missha outlets in Singapore. The collection is actually nothing new as it has been launched in Korea way earlier this year (around January 2016, perhaps?). Well, as a Line Friends fan, Noona made sure that she's amongst the first customers to go on the 1st day the collection is available.

Missha x Line Friends Make Up Collaboration is Now for Sale in Singapore

Turned out Noona visited the outlet too early as the sole salesperson girl was still busy arranging for the items to be on display. Talk about kiasu-ism. Noona thought Singaporean is pretty big on Line Friends item (she still remembered her missing out on Vans x Line Friends collection...*cry*) but surprisingly Missha outlet was pretty much empty with only Noona and another customer at that time. The other customer did not even bother checking Line Friends make up. *gasp*

Missha Lipstick Sally Line Friends

Oh well, whatever. As long as Noona can get her hands on Sally lipgloss line, she's a happy girl. Noona actually looking for something more peachy but this color is the less pinky range available for Sally lipstick so she just grabbed it at the price of S$24.90. 

Missha Sally Lipstick Pink Singapore

The salesperson girl asked Noona to come back another day because she would have finished putting everything on display the next day but in the meantime, let's just check out the make up range from the brochure. 

Missha x Line Friends Make Up Collection in Singapore

It seems that there are more things available for this collection. Should Noona get Brown lipstick for herself?

Missha X Line Friends Make Up Range in Singapore

Or how about a handcream? Cleanser? Essence? Oh my gawd, the list never ends. 

Missha X Line Friends Skin Care in Singapore

She will surely drag her friend who's also crazy about Line Friends to Missha outlet once upon a lunch time. 

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