Love Padlocks at Namsan Seoul Tower

After the Teddy Bear Museum has moved out from Namsan Seoul Tower (not sure moving out to where), there is less one thing to do at the tower. U_U. 

Love Locks at Namsan Seoul Tower

But, anyway, if you have already made your way all the way here, you may as well go and purchase your ticket for the observatory tower. The ticket costs 10,000 KRW for adults and 8,000 KRW for children and elderly.

Namsan Seoul Tower Ticket Counter South Korea

The tower itself is actually not that tall but since it is located on a mountain, the height of the tower is kinda boosted by the terrain. Well, Noona guesses we should be able to see a decent view of Seoul from the observatory deck. 

Namsan Seoul Tower in South Korea

But before we go up, we should check out the area near the entrance of the tower first. Thanks to the variety show, Noona knows that there is a dedicated area catered for lovebirds, to allow them to lock their love to a keychain. If you think it's cheesy, the Korean seems to love this idea very much because the number of the locks locked here looks uncountable.

Love padlocks at Namsan Seoul Tower South Korea

The locks come in any type and size too. It is normal to write the love message on the locks and some people really have a lot of things to write. Hahaha.

Love Padlocks at Namsan Seoul Tower

Popular photo-taking spot here. 

The padlocks of love at Namsan

Certain spot takes a certain degree of challenge. Well, this is the time to prove your life, anyway, so why not? =P

Namsan Seoul Tower Padlocks Love area

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