Pork Mixed Rice at Atek, Gading Serpong

Anyeong! Noona is going to introduce this awesome cuisine that she loves to have whenever she has the opportunity to visit Jakarta. The cuisine is called "Nasi Campur" in Indonesian. If you directly translate it into English, it will be called "Mixed Rice" I suppose. But it is totally different from the mixed rice that you eat in Singapore (where you can choose dishes from the display to eat with the rice).

Nasi Campur is basically Chinese food in Indonesia. Noona is not very sure on the origination of the dish but anyway, the dish consists of a plate of rice (either white or the fragrant hainamese rice) and a small plate of a mixture of crispy sweet pork and roast pork.

Pork Mixed Rice at Atek, Gading Serpong

In addition to the roast pork and BBQ pork, you will be served chicken and half an egg too with few pieces of cucumbers lying still underneath this goodness.

BBQ and Roast Pork at Atek Gading Serpong

If you have a chance to visit Jakarta, go for a culinary adventure to try this amazing Nasi Campur. Masisseoyo!! 

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