The cute Teddy Bear Museum, South Korea

Noona visited Teddy Bear Museum while it was still around at Namsan Seoul Tower. Sadly, the museum is closed afterward and now, there are only three Teddy Bear Museums left in South Korea. One at Jeju Island, one at Seorak and another one at Gyeongju. None of the museum is situated in Seoul, Noona feels grateful she has at least visited the museum at Namsan Seoul Tower when she had the chance. =(

The cute Teddy Bear Museum, South Korea

The setting of Teddy Bear Museum is more or less the same no matter which location it is situated in. The diorama follows a story of the development in South Korea starting from the Joseon era. Teddy Bear Museum depicts its diorama with important tradition. Every pieces of the diorama are designed with careful detail to make sure that no important details are missed from the display. For instance, this is the reenactment of the ceremony at Jongmyo Shrine which is usually performed by the Royal King.

Teddy Bear Museum Jongmyo Shrine Ceremony

In another diorama, the teddy bears are spotted building houses. 

Teddy Bear Museum Construction Worker

The Royal Guard are spotted leaving the palace gate for an expedition. You will see that all teddy bears are wearing handmade clothes designed especially for them. So cute.

Teddy Bear Museum Joseon Dynasty

After we have gone through a series of Teddy Bear diorama, we have finally arrived at the modern days of Seoul. The Teddy Bears have been transformed into K-Pop idols and shoppers at Dongdaemun. XD

Teddy Bear Museum in South Korea

When you are talking about teddy bear, you can't help but reminiscing about an old K-drama called Goong. And Noona could not help but taking pictures with this pair of teddy bears which were made famous thanks to that drama. Awww...

Teddy Bear Museum Goong Kdrama South Korea

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