Steal Her Look: Ha Ji Won's Casual Summer by Bang Bang

Her Look:

Noona has actually just heard about one Korean fashion brand named Bang Bang until she saw the news about Ha Ji Won being the face of Bang Bang. Hahaha. Apparently Bang Bang is a casual Korean fashion wear and since it is officially summer now, there's no harm in getting some inspiration from Bang Bang's latest summer collection. Especially when Ha Ji Won is the one showing off some summer style. T-shirt and shorts are always a good pair whenever you want to take a stroll in a summer day. Since the pictorial is for Bang Bang's advertisement, all the items to get this look are definitely from the same brand. So let's explore this brand further.

How to get her look:

1. BRT T-shirt, KRW 19,900 

BRT T-shirt, KRW 19,900

2. Bugs Bunny T-shirt, KRW 12,900

Bugs Bunny T-shirt, KRW 12,900

3. Cactus T-shirt, KRW 24,900

Cactus T-shirt, KRW 24,900

4. Denim shorts, KRW 29,900

Denim shorts, KRW 29,900

5. Light denim shorts, KRW 39,900

Light denim shorts, KRW 39,900

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