Random Korean Fried Chicken at D-Cube City, Seoul

D-Cube City is basically a one-in-all multi complex located at Sindorim Station, near Yeouido district in Seoul. It comprises of a shopping mall, an office building, a park and it is linked to the five star Shangrila Seoul D Cube City Hotel. 

D Cube City at Sindorim Station Seoul

There is a square with fountain at the entrance of the mall. 

Entrance of D Cube City at Seoul

D Cube City mall is basically just like any other mall in the world. However, the reason why we come to D Cube City is because (1) we wanted to shop at H&M and Forever 21, that kind of high street fashion shop and (2) the building was used as one of filming location for Running Man. We even know that there is a Pororo Park inside D Cube City (there is one in Singapore too, if you have not known it yet).

Pororo Park at D Cube City Seoul

After doing so much shopping (and changing extra cash, yes there is a money changer at the basement level of D Cube City), we decided to check out the food court area so that we could at least sit and stretch our legs.

Food Court at D Cube City Seoul South Korea

That's when we spotted the picture of Korean fried chicken. It surely looks pretty good. 

Random Korean Fried Chicken at D-Cube City, Seoul

We quickly ordered one small bowl as pre-dinner treat that day. Hahaha. It tastes pretty good and thankfully we only ordered one bowl because one small bowl has a lot of chickens inside. 

Fried Chicken with Pepper at D Cube City Seoul South Korea

If you are tired when you walk around at D Cube City, you can take a rest at the food court, I suppose. D Cube City opens everyday from 11AM to 9.30PM (10PM on weekends).

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