Short Hairstyle Inspiration from the K-pop Idols

Noona is thinking of having a hair cut and since it's summer, she considers cutting it short. But, the thing is Noona is not that slim and hence, she wonders if a short hair will look nice on her. Anyway, it does not hurt to look for an inspiration so as usual, she engages help from Line Friends to look for a nice short hairstyle inspired by k-pop idols.

1. Taeyeon's blonde bob

Short Hairstyle Inspiration from the K-pop Idols

2. Hani's short straight bob

Hani's short straight bob

3. Hyeri's trademark bob

Hyeri's trademark bob

4. Sooyoung's permed bob

Sooyoung's permed bob

5. Dasom's wavy bob

Dasom's wavy bob

Noona particulary likes Sooyoung's and Dasom's bob but oh well, let's see how it goes. =P

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