Namsan (Sam Soon) Stairs and Park, Seoul

The trip to Namsan (Sam Soon) Stairs and Park was actually started with a bit of adventure as Noona and her friend were like kinda lost. We could not find the cable car station anywhere and instead, ended up following up a walking trail to we-did-not-know-where.

Namsan (Sam Soon) Stairs and Park, Seoul

Noona heard about the trail being considered "mild" and not even a "hiking trail" but to tell you the truth, Namsan walking trail is pretty much tiring when the weather is hot. The trail is full of staircases.

Namsan Walking Trail Seoul South Korea

More stairs. Although these few stairs are not steep, thankfully.

Namsan Walking Trail

Noona shrieked with excitement when she saw this set of stairs. This what seems to be a normal stairs is actually quite famous thanks to the influence of Korean drama and variety show. The stairs was first featured in the movie, My Lovely Sam Soon, and hence, the name "Sam Soon Stairs". 

Sam Soon stairs at Namsan Seoul

The wall beside the stairs.

Wall beside Sam Soon stairs at Namsan Seoul

The Namsan Park is located right at the top of Sam Soon stairs. You will see a monument once you have reached the top.

Monument at Namsan Park Seoul

The park is pretty nice to take a stroll. You can see a fountain with the view of Namsan Seoul Tower behind. If you go further beyond the fountain, you can continue your walking trail leading to the tower but we chose to find the cable car station, thank you very much. 

Namsan Park at Seoul South Korea

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