Dakgalbi Feast at Yoogane, Bugis Junction

Noona still remembers that one dinner in Myeongdong where she and her friend got into some kind of "lost in translation" situation with the Korean waitress of a dakgalbi restaurant named Yoogane. However, all is forgiven after she helped us cook the dakgalbi which taste so heavenly especially when you are hungry. The aftertaste lasts until the present day...

...but now, we, dakgalbi lover, don't have to travel all the way to Myeongdong to enjoy dakgalbi feast at Yoogane. It's because it has finally opened a branch in Singapore. Hooray. To be exact, the branch is located at Bugis Junction. 

Dakgalbi Feast at Yoogane, Bugis Junction

The queue to secure a table at Yoogane is always long especially on weekends. And there is a minimum order placed of two sets of the same meal. This requirement basically sieves out lone or couple diners because there is no way you can finish two sets of dak galbi by one or two mouths to share. That's why Noona only made her way here when she could grab her two friends to share the calorie with her. We ordered the famous dish on the menu, the Cheese Dak Galbi. Yes, the yellow thing on the outer ring is all cheese...

Cheese Dak Galbi at Yoogane Bugis Junction Singapore

The cheese dak galbi basically contains the signature tender chicken meat marinated in the unique Yoogane sauce, fresh vegetabls, rice cakes, and Korean ramyeon. Dip the chicken meat in the melted cheese for ultimate heavenly dining experience. 

Yummy Cheese Dak Galbi at Bugis Junction Singapore

The dish is just nice to share amongst three to four people. Everyone pretty much enjoyed the dish. 

How to go to Yoogane:

1. Take the MRT to Bugis MRT Station
2. Make your way to level 2 from the escalator in front of Baskin Robbins
3. You will see Yoogane right after you have alighted from the escalator

Trading hours: 

11AM to 10PM daily

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