Now on Sale: Lapalette Korea 88,000 Event

Lapalette is currently celebrating its 8th year anniversary and it offers a great 88,000 event on its Korean website. If you haven't heard about Lapalette, it is a popular Korean handbag brand and it is endorsed by the famous and fabulous Jung sisters, Jessica and Krystal. The brand's trademark icon, the horse is usually displayed prominently on most of the handbag designs. 

Now on Sale: Lapalette Korea 88,000 Event
If you are not into horse that much, Lapalette also has the non-horse kind of handbags. This will be more suitable for office ladies as the hand with horse print tend to look more casual than professional.

Jung sisters for Lapalette Korea

Okay, so what are currently offered inside the 88,000 event? Lapalette Korea is basically offering a set of handbag and bag-chain at a total price of KRW 88,000. Here are the three most popular combination: 

1. Rachem Clam Tote 

Rachem Clam Tote Lapalette Korea

2. Original horse half moon bag

Original horse half moon bag Lapalette Korea
3. Marion minicross bag

Marion minicross bag Lapalette Korea
Noona loves the last set so much as she does not have pink bag and the pink color looks so feminine without being too loud. Go check them out at Lapalette Korea's website

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