Oink Noona: Patbingsoo Korean Dining House, Plaza Singapura

 "I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough."

Anyeong! Noona has realised that one of the things that annoy her the most was the cracking sound of her fantasy. The scar that it leaves may not be as bad as the real heartbreaking situation but it's enough to make her feeling annoyed and emo for one day. After that she can have enough heck-care attitude to start afresh with newly-patched fantasy (taking into account new information which crack the previous fantasy) and live on with it until it become reality or crack again. Living a life as a daydreamer is indeed kinda tough. Hahaha. 

At times like these, it's good to have someone to share stories with despite the stories may or may not be too exaggerating but Noona feels she's one freaking good story-teller. Despite the lack of the audience. Well, this kind of personal life stories must not be shared with any random audience, to be honest with you.

Oink Noona: Patbingsoo Korean Dining House, Plaza Singapura

The venue for Saturday's story-telling is Patbingsoo, a Korean dining house which is based on its name is specialising in Korean dessert, Bingsut. But if you are not into eating a bowl full of ice, you can also have other Korean meals here from ramen to ddeokbokki to galbi. 

Ordering chit at Patbingsoo Korean Dining House Plaza Singapura

If you need some picture references to help you order, you will be kinda impressed by how good the picture of the food is. Really. 

Picture menu from Patbingsoo Korean Dining House Plaza Singapura

But when the real food arrive, they look pretty different from the picture menu. Patbingsoo takes a while to serve the food despite its in-house rules that diners can only dine for 90 minutes. Noona wonders if the staff will really ask the diners to leave after 90 minutes. It did not happen to Noona because we ate pretty fast (starving girls) and immediately moved to next dessert location after finishing our meals at Patbingsoo. 

We shared two main dishes at Patbingsoo. The first is Seafood Sundubu Pasta which comes with egg, some seafood (squid, crab cakes, prawns) and 8 pieces of tofu. This is so weird although the seafood spicy sundubu sauce taste not bad and goes well with the pasta. In a glance the portion looks pretty big but since the pasta is served on a thin hot plate, the portion is actually not big at all. 

Seafood pasta from Patbingsoo Korean Dining House at Plaza Singapura

The next meal that we ordered looks way different from the picture menu because it seems that cheese just exploded on top of the ddeokbokki and tofu skin. While Noona kinda hopes that the taste would be BOOM, the Cheesy Ddeokbokki taste so so. Kinda disappointing because the expectation was set too high. Morale of the story: don't expect. 

Cheese ddeokbokki from Patbingsoo Korean Dining House at Plaza Singapura

Patbingsoo Korean Dining is located at: 

68 Orchard Road, #B2-47
Plaza Singapura

Opening hours: 

Sunday to Thursday 11.30AM - 10PM
Friday and Saturday 11.30AM - 10.30PM

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