Oink Noona: Fynn's, South Beach

"I wanna feel your heartbeat like yesterday."

Anyeong! Noona was pretty gloomy yesterday due to no apparent reason but today she has found out the reason for her gloominess. Apparently, it's the looming housewarming party for one of Noona's colleague which Noona actually treats as friend rather than normal colleague. In that case, what's with the gloomy behavior? If the party is between Noona and the friend alone, she will be ecstatic and even looking forward to it. But there are other people involved and Noona has to accumulate a huge amount of fake extrovertism to endure the night without losing her mind if the event proceeds. Just the thought of it was enough to make Noona feels emo yesterday. Today is a different story, Noona feels so upbeat and elated today despite a lot of crap thrown to her at work.

Such a weird personality which fellow introverts may be able to relate, she supposes. Hahaha.

Oink Noona: Fynn's, South Beach

With that huge burden being postponed to another two weeks, Noona can now enjoy the remaining of the night in the company of her high school buddies, E & Y (not Ernst & Young if you happen to work in accounting industry). Since Noona has not gotten enough of South Beach, she's back here with E & Y at one of the restaurants here, Fynn's. 

Fynn's at South Beach Esplanade

First impression of the restaurant, Fynn's exude a nice vibe of sleek and modern eatery which is nice for office ladies (and guys too) to hang out for dinner or drinks after work. Fynn's has the best location since South Beach is the latest addition of office complex in City Hall/ Beach Road area. 

Menu from Fynn's at South Beach Esplanade

We were considering getting ourselves wasted by looking at the alcohol collection that Fynn's offers but decided not to go down to that route because we still have to wake up early the next day. And an impromptu sick leave due to hangover does not seem to help with our career progression. Not that we are ambitious or anything but we cannot afford being unemployed in this uncertain time. XD

Alcohol collection from Fynn's at South Beach

E could not help not to order her caffeine fix though because she claims she has been slaving all day at work without breaks in between and hence, now she's about to doze to dreamland. Wait, caffeine does not really work on E so Noona thinks she just created an excuse to justify her late-caffeine-intake. Not that we will condemn her or anything, mind you. She commented the coffee is so so. 

Flat white from Fynn's at South Beach

When our order of Cavatelli (i.e. Homemade pasta with broken pork sausages, red wine braised octopus, parmesan, fennel seeds, and savory tomato sauce) arrived, we went into self-reflection mode immediately because to be honest with you, we thought the portion given by Fynn's for its homemade pasta is rather small. We started to wonder if Fynn's does not encourage sharing. 

Cavatelli from Fynn's at South Beach

Our guess has turned into confirmation because the Sirloin Steak arrived at minuscule size as well. We know that we're about to leave this place hungry just by looking at these two plates. Taste-wise, both the homemade pasta and sirloin steak are actually quite nice. If only they can be bigger. Hahaha. 

Sirloin steak from Fynn's at South Beach

Despite the fact that we still have a lot of empty space in our tummy, we did not want to order another main dish or pasta and decided to go straight for the dessert. Among the three available choices for the dessert, we thought chocolate seems to be the best choice for everybody since none has allergic/ hatred for chocolate. The Chocolate Semifredo is actually a quirky kind of dessert with the chocolate being served together with olive oil, salt and pepper. The taste combination kinda makes Noona's tastebud confused because she's more traditional in terms of palette and she kinda expects her chocolate to be either sweet or bitter but not spicy. E & Y seemed to deal with this kind of "quirky-invention" better though. 

Chocolate semifredo from Fynn's at South Beach

Fynn's is located at: 

26 Beach Road #B1-21
South Beach Avenue

Opening hours:

 Tuesday to Saturday 6PM - 10PM
 Closed on Mondays

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