Noona's MyFitnessPal Journey Day 7

Anyeong! Hope everyone has an amazing day. It has been a series of up and down here at MyFitnessPal journey. Noona has never thought her daily calorie intake looks like a yo-yo. Hahaha. Needless to say, her weight at the end of day 7 of using MyFitnessPal has not moved to the desirable direction. Thankfully, the weight scale does not move to the undesirable direction either. Phew. 


Egg cheese toast (200 kcal)


Pad ee sew with grilled chicken (690 kcal)
Yakut grapefruit green tea from Woobee (257 kcal)

 Noona's friend who is currently working at Harbourfront agreed to meet at Chinatown Point for lunch and she wanted to try Kincow. Noona was initially not really interested in Kincow because it seems that the restaurant only sells brisket beef noodle soup and Noona is not really a fan of brisket. Turns out Kincow has other things such as dry noodle/ kway teow. 

Menu from Kincow at Chinatown Point

Noona's healthy broth lunch plan has turned into this Pad Ee Sew which turns out to be quite similar to char kway teow with grilled chicken. You definitely cannot close eyes on the calorie intake for this carbo-loaded food. But anyway, since it's a friend request (blame the friend, lol) let's just enjoy the food and repent later.  

Pad ee sew from Kincow at Chinatown Point


Roasted pumpkin soup from Soup Spoon (152 kcal)
One bread roll from Soup Spoon (120 kcal)
4 sticks of Pretz butter flavor (65 kcal)

The only way to repent is by choosing something low calorie for dinner. That's when Soup Spoon comes to the rescue. Hahaha. 


0.5 Japanese strawberry shortcake (126 kcal)
Jelly cheese tarts from Jelly Hearts (290 kcal)
1 piece of M&S chocolate cornflake bites (53 kcal)

Working in an office does not help diet sometimes because there are so many cakes and stuff provided to cheer you up (and fattening you) during your work.  Must be grateful always though. 


50 minutes of Les Mills' Sh'bam (396 kcal)
10,938 steps of normal-speed walking (325 kcal)


Goal 1,200 kcal - Food 1,953 kcal + Exercise 721 kcal = Remaining (32 kcal)

If you eat so much high calorie food, even exercise will not be able to help you unless you do a rigorous exercise (e.g. Back to back two hours classes). Sighhhh. 

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