Noona's MyFitnessPal's Journey Day 9

"I still don't have the reason
And you don't have the time."

Anyeong! Oh my gawd, where did the time fly? May's gonna be over soon and Noona has not finished the task that she's supposed to finish by...uhm, end of June. Oh well, there is time to go and she has decided to think one thing at a time. Kinda pity her unnie but then again the unnie's acting like bitch to here sometimes. Like don't even act like you are going to help if you're not gonna do it at all. But then again, unnie is in-charge of approving Noona's annual leave so let's not get on bad terms with her. Geez. Dunno what is her problem sometimes. 

BREAKFAST (117 kcal):

1 slice of multigrain toast bread with ham and cheese

LUNCH (761 kcal):

3 pieces of Din Tai Fung's xiao long bao (183 kcal)
1 bowl of Din Tai Fung's zha jiang mian (482 kcal)
1 cup of Koi's green tea macchiato (96 kcal)

Bitching session at Din Tai Fung in Chinatown is kinda risky because Chinatown is frequented often by people from both Noona's office and bitching buddy's office. After checking our surrounding, we have deemed to place to be safe from unwanted spies and intels and we can bitch all day (ok, at least 1 hour+) about those nuisances at work. Noona does not think she can last without releasing all those raging feeling that she had endured at work. By the way, do you know that girl friend make the best bitching buddy (but pick the right one, of course)?

Noona's MyFitnessPal's Journey Day 9

DINNER (456 kcal):

1 bowl of shredded chicken breast with green soba (Penguin) from Wheat

Wheat has come up with calorie information on their menu which is super useful for people who use MyFitnessPal app like Noona. Let's hope their calorie counting for each menu is accurate. Hahaha. 

SNACKS (426 kcal):

1 bar of Melty Kiss Rum & Raisin (81 kcal)
1 pack of Pretz (100 kcal)
1 piece of M&S flapjack (65 kcal)
0.4 package of Cheetos (60 kcal)
3 pieces of M&S chocolate cornflake mini bites (120 kcal)

EXERCISE (745 kcal):

1 hour of Zumba (475 kcal)
9,000 steps of normal-speed walking (300 kcal)


GOAL 1,200 kcal - FOOD 1,760 kcal + EXERCISE 745 kcal = REMAINING 185 kcal

 Cannot believe it's only day 9 of using the app. Noona starts wonder if she's gonna see significant improvement after one month. Hmm, we'll see.

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