Noona's MyFitnessPal Journey Day 8

Anyeong! The challenge to update this project has become more and more apparent especially when you are busy shielding yourself from a lot of attacks at work. People are not helping in times of needs, really. If there is someone who's helping you in time of needs with no return expected, cherish them at all costs. They are rarity in the end times. Really. 


One blueberry cream roll (186 kcal)
One piece of super nuts bar (51 kcal)

 Proofer's blueberry cream roll is a dope and it's so worth the price tag SGD 1.80 because it's big. The only cons that Noona can think of is that bigger size means bigger calorie. Oh well. 


Niku yasai teishoku from Yayoiken (538 kcal)
Iced mocha from Jewel Coffee (150 kcal)

Niku yasai teishoku from Yayoiken Millenia Walk

Noona has been eyeing that iced mocha from Jewel Coffee for a long time and today turns out to be the great day to have it because she immediately faced shit when she came back to office. Office prank is rampant on single ladies at work. Really freaking irritating. Thanks goodness, mocha does not disappoint. 


Norwegian cod fillets with brown rice (611 kcal)

This was the first time Noona tried something from SMOR, a Scandinavian deli located at the basement level of One Raffles Place. It tastes pretty good but you may need to wait for a while before your food is ready because they take time to cook the meal. 


Mini chicken egg tart (125 kcal)
0.8 package of Cheetos (120 kcal)

Could not help munching some Cheetos because snacking makes you happi-er. Probably this is because snacking has become a habit of Noona since her younger days. 


One hour of Les Mills' Body Jam (475 kcal)
9,886 steps of normal-speed walking (292 kcal)

Nothing beats an awesome dance class after dealing with irritating prank and people in the office. It gives you the confidence that you are sexier than all of those assholes. Hahaha. Not sure if this is an illusion or reality. But who cares?


Goal 1,200 kcal - Food 1,781 kcal + Exercise 767 kcal = Remaining 186 kcal
Not much calorie left but since today has been pretty cruel on Noona, she decided to let it go. LOL. 

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