Oink Noona: Lola's Cafe, Kovan

"I could've been a princess, you'd be a king"

Once upon a time, there was a Queen, a Princess and a Prince living in their wonderful castle served by many maids. Fast forward to the modern days, the Queen, the Princess and the Prince somehow have no escape from the brutality of high living cost and now they have to work in an office. However, despite the change in season, they still demand certain service from someone who they think are not worthy i.e. Noona. Once their meets are not met, they have succumbed to their irrational behaviour and end up exploding to bits and pieces much to Noona's amusement. Too bad the last part has not happened yet. Instead, the Prince gave rude attitude and keep making up excuses when his work does not meet standard, the Princess simply refuses to do what she's supposed to do since Noona can't help but doing the task since Princess kept someone as hostage, and the Queen file a complaint to...wait-a-minute, what's higher than Queen and female? Queen Mother? Fairy Godmother? Oh well, let's just say the Queen file a complaint to the higher-up and act like she's a victim or something. Epic. You guys deserve an Oscar. Really.

With this kind of drama, Noona needs a nice and cozy place to spend time hanging out with her BFF while venting about this drama. And there's one nice cafe at Kovan which seems to be the perfect venue for this occasion.

Oink Noona: Lola's Cafe, Kovan

Turns out Lola's Cafe is pretty big, it uses two side-by-side units and yet, don't get deceived by its big premise. It's still recommended to reserve seats before you make your way all the way to Kovan to avoid disappointment or long waiting time. Since Kovan is considered far far away from where Noona's staying, it seems wise to just make a booking nonetheless. 

Lola's Cafe at Kovan Singapore

Even with the booking, Noona still has to wait for 5 minutes or so. Hmm okay, she could wait for 5 minutes. No biggie. We should not live a rushed life all the time. Especially when it's time to unwind and chill. 

Hello at Lola's Cafe in Kovan Singapore

Noona was more excited than her cafehopping buddy to check out the menu. This is normal considering that her cafehopping buddy has been at Lola's Cafe so many times before since this cafe is located near to the TCM that she often visits for health check-up. 

Food and desserts menu from Lola's Cafe at Kovan

Lola's Cafe is famous for its coffee too but it was already quite late at night and Noona did not want to risk insomnia since she wanted to just lie on bed and doze after this dinner. Hmm, let's see what we should order other than coffee then. 

Drinks menu from Lola's Cafe at Kovan

The tarts on display at Lola's Cafe look so damn good seriously. So many diners are requesting for these tarts for takeaways so Noona feels these tarts must be quite good. 

Tarts from Lola's Cafe at Kovan

But tonight is the night meant for booze. So let's drink our ice cold (watermelon) beer and cheers for good days ahead. Noona was quite surprised this watermelon beer taste so good. 

Watermelon beer from Lola's Cafe at Kovan

And the beer goes super well with the two starters that we ordered, the nacho cheese fries (SGD 9) and the honey paprika chicken wings (SGD 10). The nacho cheese fries taste so good, we ended up finishing the whole bowl. 

Nacho cheese fries from Lola's Cafe at Kovan

The honey paprika chicken wings also taste so crispy and yet tender and well seasoned. Since the serving portion of the starters are quite big, it was a wise decision for both of us not to order anymore food other than these two. For your information, we often over-order during our course of cafe-hopping adventure. Sometimes our eyes got the better of us. 

Honey Paprika Chicken Wings from Lola's Cafe at Kovan

Lola's Cafe is located at: 

5 Simon Road

Opening hours:

Closed on Mondays
Tues - Thurs, Sun 10AM - 11.30PM
Friday and Saturday 10AM - 12AM

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