Noona's MyFitnessPal Journey

Anyeong! Noona thought today is only Wednesday but since Monday was a public holiday, this week seems to move somewhat faster than usual. Obviously, that is something to rejoice for, especially in Singapore where public holiday is scarce. How has everyone been?

Noona has been kinda in a demoralised state of mind after finding out that apparently you need certain injection and operation to achieve beautiful long legs which are owned by K-pop idols (unless your genetic trait is so good). However, she knows that despite difficulties and challenges, something must change in her lifestyle to achieve weight loss of 5kg, uhm wait, let's make it 3kg for now. My dear cheesy pizza, it will probably a while since Noona can eat you happily and greedily. Oink!

Kimchi Cheese Pizza from Gudetama Chef

Right, since plastic surgery is not an option for coward Noona, she has to venture out to other option which is (1) free and (2) reasonable. Diet which consists of lettuce and chicken breast do not go well with Noona's day-to-day lifestyle because she is not even allowed to cook at her rented place in Singapore. So, how on earth is she supposed to cook that bland chicken breast, really? Those who share this predicament, do not worry, you are not alone. 

That's when Noona decided to use back this free app to count calorie, MyFitnessPal (MFP). 

Noona has actually used it before but she lost the willpower to keep using it after seeing no significant progress after logging in for a month. On second thought, one month may have been too short for significant changes especially since Noona does not choose the ambitious approach. 

The idea behind MFP is to allow user the feasibility of the amount of calorie that they consume everyday. It follows the basic logic which says that if the amount of calorie that you consume is lesser than what you use (for day-to-day movement and activity), technically you should lose weight. However, in order for MFP to be able to track your calorie intake accurately, you have to diligently and accurately key in (1) what you eat within a day plus (2) the portion. So, you will start by keyin in your profile (i.e. Gender, weight, goal, physical activity, etc) and MFP will calculate your recommended daily calorie intake (Noona's 1200 calorie per day). 

MFP's database can be considered pretty extensive since it even captures local hawker food such as wanton noodle or prata. However, Noona has a bit of a challenge to key in the correct portion that she consumes because the portion for the food inside MFP's database has so many different kind of portion size. Some use the weight (e.g. Ounce, etc) while some use cup/ plate/ bowl (but we can't tell how big is the size of the kitchenware that MFP database log in). 

But anyway, something is definitely better than nothing right. And it seems to be quite easy to use (despite the risk of inaccuracy) and the most important thing, it's free. So let's see how it goes for the next...hmm, 3 months maybe?

Until then, anyeong~~~

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