Noona's MyFitnessPal's Journey Day 10

Anyeong! Noona has never thought that the day when her boss got laid off really happen during her time of employment. Well it is no surprise nowadays knowing that nowhere is safe if you are working in the year 2017 but to witness this laying off happen to your own boss is no joke. Everybody assume that you are safe if you are pretty high up there and seems to have good connection with everybody. Turns out that's not enough to save your ass. Oh well. Not sure what Noona is going to do next but for now, since the holidays are booked, let's go enjoy life first. 


1 piece of Chocolate Danish (170 kcal)
0.5 piece of Chikuwa Cheese Bun (136 kcal)


1 bowl of Nabeyaki Udon with Shrimp Tempura (542 kcal)
3 pieces of Kani Mentaiko Sushi (147 kcal)
1 cup of Lychee Alishan Tea (144 kcal)

 Noona did not really have the chance to tell her lunch buddy about what's going on in the office. Instead, we talked about common friend who's currently enjoying her life in Sydney. She just showed off about how sweet and lovely her current beau is treating her currently. Instagram is really the app to show that life is all good and rosy. Add the filter effect and you'll see good good life. Not saying that Noona does not have a good life currently since she feels grateful she can still enjoy the yummy pot of nabeyaki udon from Sushi Tei. Yumz.

Nabeyaki Udon from Sushi Tei


1 piece of roasted chicken thigh (289 kcal)
1 meal of pasta marinara (290 kcal)


4 pieces of M&S Chocolate Chip Cookies (80 kcal)

Did not really have the chance to snack a lot today because Noona's gotten disturbed by some people who ask technical question at 5+. Oh my gawd, could we please don't be so workaholic? Although 5+ is still considered working hours but Noona is a human being who needs a break. 


1 hour of Les Mills' Body Combat (441 kcal)
11,434 steps of normal-pace walking (341 kcal)

Pissed off by various annoying instances, thankfully there is a Body Combat class where you can punch and kick while burning calories. But new release is coming up soon and heard the movement is so damn complicated. Simple is better, no?


Surprised to find out that there is calorie balance left for the day since Noona had a pretty high-calorie lunch and dinner today. LOL.

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