Noona's MyFitnessPal Journey Day 6

Anyeong! Noona has some free time now so let's get this project started before the laziness bug bites her and she rolls back to the bed to nap. Hahahaha. Sometimes singlehood is awesome when you just want to laze around and doing nothing.


1 Market O's brownie (120 kcal)
1 Crown's cheese cracker (18 kcal)
1 Bourbon biscuit (42 kcal)
7 M&S chocolate cornflake bites (371 kcal)


1 almond waffle biscuit (120 kcal)
2 Tohato's green tea cookies (34 kcal)
1 Tip Tip's tom yum puff (246 kcal)

Laziness does kill in terms of MyFitnessPal (MFP) project because if you are living on snacks, the calorie that you consume from those snacks and tidbits are crazy high. It can be even higher than real meal such as rice, etc. The morale of the story is, the next time you want to laze around, make sure you have proper meal in stash. On another thought, maybe singlehood is not the best way after all, you have nobody to "ask around" for help to buy food. Noona got a feeling that her hubby may be the one ordering her around though since her need to lose weight is probably more critical than the hubby's needs. LOL. 


1 glass of iced chai tea latte (240 kcal)
0.5 plate of crab cake with sweet potato (270 kcal)
0.5 plate of scotch egg (289 kcal)

Noona is not the type who can laze around for one whole day at home. Especially when she does not even stay at her own home, she can't even turn on aircon when the landlord is at home. Driven out by the hot weather, she made appointment with Momo, who is living her singlehood lifestyle since her hubby is out of town for the whole week. Momo's doing that lifestyle better than Noona, the real singleton. For a start, Momo was only fully awoken up after noon and then she's busy procrastinating on whether she wanted to clean the house or not. Obviously after procrastinating and turning on her laptop to do some browsing, she rolled back to her bed and continue dozing until it's time for her to at least, taking a shower before meeting Noona. She even pushed back the meeting time to 4.30PM because she needed more time to wash her hair. Epic singleton (who unfortunately got married), this Momo.

Anyway, to cut story short, our cafe-hopping date at Curious Palette has given Noona a chance to finally try out crab cake which turns out taste like potato patty because there is not even a lot of crab put inside the cake. Hahaha. Oh well.

Crab cake with sweet potato from Curious Palette


0.5 pack of Taiwan crispy chicken (154 kcal)

This unnecessary calorie intake is purely Momo's fault because she just has to buy this snack before making our way to Curious Palette. And this bitch is damn slim. Why did Noona keep the friendship again? 


15,586 steps of normal-speed walking (463 kcal)

No amount of walking can burn those calorie intake from snacks. Lesson learned. 



 Not much thing to say about today. It's a failure after all. U_U. 

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