Noona's MyFitnessPal Journey Day 5

Anyeong! Noona has troubles keeping up with her own project, the MyFitnessPal (MFP) journey. There are some days where Noona just does not feel to write anything to be honest with you, don't know why. Apparently you need to have some "inspired" moment when the mood to write is in the air. But if Noona relies on this kind of feeling every time she needs to write something, she probably should not consider full-time career as a writer. Her salary will be so turbulent like a plane flying through cloudy weather. Oh gosh. 


One piece of french toast (120 KCAL)
One piece of banana cake (144 KCAL)

Noona usually does not eat more than one item for breakfast but she was feeling kinda starving that morning and she would not be able to drag her butt to the gym for lunch-time exercise in starvation mode. So yeah, there you go the french toast and the banana cake. 


One smoked turkey on ciabatta bread (450 KCAL) 

Noona did not realise that there is a small sandwich shop (which is part of a mini market) in the passageway between One Raffles Quay and Marina Bay Link Mall. Why is this sandwich shop catching Noona's eyes? It's because the sandwich here is way cheaper than those sandwiches sold at Cedele or Swissbake. Noona can get her smoked turkey on ciabatta bread for 6.50 SGD. Woots!


4 pieces of chicken wings (445 KCAL)
0.5 bowl of nacho cheese fries (440 KCAL)
1 glass of wheat watermelon beer (150 KCAL)

Chicken wings from Lola's Cafe at Kovan

Noona was so excited to finally be able to visit Lola's Cafe despite its far location at Kovan. The cafe is so popular up to the point that prior reservation is required to secure seats here. It is a sister cafe of On The Table which is located at Pasir Panjang. No wonder the chicken wings looks kinda familiar. Fabulous wings, worth every calorie.


60 minutes of Les Mills' Body Combat (441 KCAL)
11,299 steps of normal-speed walking (336 KCAL)

Thankfully Noona managed to squeeze some gym time in the afternoon otherwise she could just consider this day a failure. 



Whoa, 228 kcal remaining? Noona starts to wonder if she keys in the portion wrongly for all her food log in MFP. But there is no way to find out unless she buys food scale and brings that food scale everywhere she goes. That can be pretty much embarassing. 

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