Watching JUMP and Eating Andong Chicken in Seoul

Korea has a lot of theatrical performances and some of the shows are really really fun to watch. So far, Noona knows the show called Jump and Nanta. But she has watched Nanta before when the show was shown in Marina Bay Sands theater in Singapore. So, when she visited Seoul she decided to give Jump show a try. 

Watching JUMP and Eating Andong Chicken in Seoul

Noona bought her tickets online but as you can see, she watched this show back in 2012. Turns out Jump is now shown at another theater located near Seodaemun Station. You can check out the direction to the theater here.

Tickets to watch Jump in Seoul

Jump is comedy performance involving a mix of martial arts (including Korea's traditional military martial arts of taekwondo and taekkyeon) and high-flying acrobatic stunts. You don't have to worry about not being able to understand Korean because the show is totally non-verbal performance and yet, you will not get lost. Noona supposes that's why it has been named Korea's most representative non-verbal performance. 

Jump Comic Martial Arts Performance in Seoul

The show involved a story about a family in which every member has the martial art skill. As there are so many performers involved for Jump, the theater will show a picture of the casts who will play the role for that particular timing. 

The cast of Korean non verbal performance called Jump

If you really take into a liking to the cast, you can buy the poster and ask them to sign on the poster. You can see that all of them have nice muscles. Ahem. 

Signing Session with the casts of Jump in Seoul

Once we had enough fun, we were now ready to have dinner. We went back to Myeong-dong area which is near our hotel and stumbled into a restaurant which sells Andong Jjimdak, one of the famous local delicacies in Korea. Without further ado, we found ourselves inside the restaurant. XD

Andong Jjimdak in Myeong-dong Seoul

Andong Jjimdak is basically a steamed chicken dish marinated in ganjang (Korean soy sauce). It is actually very spicy and hence, that's probably the reason why the Koreans are eating it with rice (even though it already has vermicelli in it). 

Andong Jjimdak in Seoul

One thing to take note when ordering Andong Jjimdak in Korea is its portion. This is basically a standard portion of Andong Jjimdak served in every restaurant in South Korea. We personally feel that this portion is enough to feed 3-4 persons. Noona immediately feel hot (and fat) after consuming this spicy Andong Jjimdak. If you really like spicy food, you should never give this dish a miss. 

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