Vampire Girl Manju at Ssamziegil, Insadong

There is one thing that piqued Noona's curiousity when she was walking around in Ssamziegil, a hipster shopping complex in the main street of Insadong. There is this cute plush toy of a little vampire girl. 

When Noona came closer, it turns out that the stall who owns the cute vampire girl plush doll sells manju in the shape of vampire girl's head. They are too cute to be eaten but Noona decided to buy them (and eat them) anyway. The manju(s) are filled with custard cream. They taste pretty yummy and it feels nice to eat something warm and sweet on a snowing day. 

Vampire Girl Manju at Ssamziegil, Insadong

On top of the manju, the stall is also selling a lot of handmade souvenirs of the little vampire girl. If you like these kind of handmade crafts and accessories, you will love coming to Insadong. This place is basically filled with artsy handmade souvenirs and crafts such as lacquerware, jewelry, pottery, wooden/ metal crafts. At the highest level of Ssamziegil, you will be able to see a small garden with a lot of wishing notes hanged along the fences. 

Vampire Girl Manju Store Stall at Insadong Ssamziegil

Even just by walking around in Ssamziegil, you can see how creative these shop owners can be. In front of most shops along the spiralling pathway, you can see all kind of winter-themed and christmas-themed display. This one looks pretty in blue. 

Art Display in front of shops in Ssamziegil at Insadong

Since it is near Christmas, a lot of Christmas decoration and art display are being put up by the shop owners too. Noona really loves this time of the year. ^^

Christmas decoration at Ssamziegil Insadong Seoul

How to go to Ssamziegil: 

1. Take the subway to Anguk Station 
2. Go out from the station through exit 6
3. Go 100 metres forward and then turn left onto Insadong street
4. Walk straight and you will see Ssamziegil on your left

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