Sweet Stuffs from Seoul

There are so many cafes in Seoul up to the point that Noona did not have enough time to explore them all. Noona has sweet tooth so she went a bit crazy whenever she visited a cafe in Seoul. During her last visit, she managed to visit both Dunkin Donuts (I know I know it sounds pretty common, right?) and Bean Bins. 

Dunkin Donuts in South Korea is somehow different from those located in other countries. The donuts look more tempting than the usual glazed or frosted sugar put on the top of the donuts. The cup for the hot chocolate are kinda cuter too!

Sweet Stuffs from Seoul

Here is the red velvet donut. Okay, either I am really outdated or what but I have never seen a red velvet donut before. LOL. Taste pretty good. 

Red velvet donut in Seoul

The next donut taste amazingly awesome if you are a fan of Oreo. It is basically Oreo donut. My goodness. Hahaha.

Oreo Donut at Dunkin Donut in Seoul

If Dunkin Donuts is too common for you, you may want to try Beans Bins, a local cafe which is originated in Seoul. We visited the outlet at Samcheong-dong and we fell in love with the strawberry cream waffles. Beans Bins is pretty generous with the strawberries. We love the waffle so much! 

Strawberry Cream Waffles from Beans Bins

Other than waffles, Beans Bins also sells cakes. We ordered the strawberry cheesecake (yes, we are strawberry-holics). The color of the cheesecake is too pretty not to take picture (and upload into Instagram). Hahaha. 

Strawberry Cheese Cake at Beans Bins Seoul

If you are travelling to Seoul, make sure you spend a time or two in their cafe. You will love them. Do note that it is very difficult to secure a table in a cafe on a weekend. 

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