Steal IU's Style: The Denim Jumper

Denim is really everywhere this year and even though we are now at the end of the year, it does not mean that is the end for denim conquest. The only denim clothes that Noona has not tried yet is the denim jumper (and jumpsuit but jumpsuit is too bothersome to wear especially when you are in a hurry to the If you think denim jumper is too old school, you may want to see how IU makes denim jumper works in one of her advertorial photoshoot for SBENU (SBENU is actually Korean brand for shoes but Noona fell in love with the denim jumper first. XD). 

Steal IU's Style: The Denim Jumper

Topshop has a denim jumper in lighter color and it comes with pockets (yeay for pockets!). The denim jumper minidress costs USD 68. If you are not that tall, you can opt for the Petite range for the denim jumper minidress. 

Topshop Denim Jumper Minidress

If you want the denim jumper to be slightly longer, you may opt for the denim jumper sold by instead. One of Korean fashion brands called Honey House offers this denim jumper at the price of USD 26.90. It is way longer that the denim jumper that IU is wearing so Noona thinks it is more suitable for you, tall ladies. 

Honey House Denim Jumper

Under the denim jumper, IU is wearing a classic striped sweater. Forever 21 sells this sweater for the price of USD 17.90.

Forever 21 classic striped sweater

Okay, finally we have come to the sneakers. Noona really loves Korean sneakers as they come in so many models and nearly most of them are cool. The pair of sneakers worn by IU comes from SBENU and it is currently on sale too. The original price has been reduced from USD 131.67 to USD 78.47

SBENU sneakers IU

This awesome style can be worn for summer so those of you who are experiencing summer season now, go for it! 

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