EXID's Akiii Sneakers are Now on Sale!

If you have been wishing for a pair of Akiii sneakers, you probably do not have to wait for Santa Claus to come down through your chimney. Akiii is currently having a sale on its online website. And if you also happen to be a fan of EXID, rejoice! The sneakers design endorsed by EXID are also on sale. Woot!

EXID's Akiii Sneakers are Now on Sale!

Let's start with the pair of pink and grey sneaker worn by Junghwa. The Akiii Classics no. EX-9 EVO Pink now on sale at 59,000 KRW (USD 49) from the original price at 98,000 KRW. 

Akiii Classics no. EX-9 EVO Pink

The pair worn by Hani on the right is currently also under the same promotion. EX-9 EVO Purple pair is currently sold at 59,000 KRW too (USD 49).

Akiii Classics EX-9 EVO Purple

If you prefer something different, how about a pair of Akiii Classic sneakers which is worn by LE instead?

Akiii Classics LE EXID Advert

The pair comes with stripes and this is by far, is Noona's favourite pair from Akiii. The EX-7: Black Red is also on sale from 99,000 KRW to 69,000 KRW (USD 57)

EX-7: Black Red Akiii Classics

Go grab them while the sale lasts! 

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