Christmas in Ssamziegil, Insadong

Ssamziegil is a shopping complex located in the main street of Insadong, a popular shopping destination in Seoul. Ssamziegil has a spiralling footpath that runs for 500 meters from the first floor to the rooftop, circling around the courtyard like a spring. The courtyard is busy with the preparation of Christmas. Noona really loves how the city looks like when it is near Christmas. 

Christmas in Ssamziegil, Insadong

There are a total of 70 stores along that spiralling path. However, the 12 stores which are located at the basement of Ssamziegil are originally already there even before Ssamziegil opened its door in 2004. 

Wall Mural at Ssamziegil in Insadong South Korea

With so many artsy display along the path, Ssamziegil is heaven for art and craft lover. A popular sticker-photo studio, Chalcak and pattern craft shop that deals in orgel (a music box) are two of the most popular shops in Ssamziegil.

Christmas Art Display at Ssamziegil in Insadong

The display is so cute, Noona can't even... #cutenessoverdose

Christmas Decoration in Ssamziegil at Insadong

When you are hungry, you can either go to the level 4 of Ssamziegil (where all the cafes are located) or pop by the famous Poo Bread Store at the courtyard. From a quick glance to the shop window, you will immediately know you have reached the right place. 

Poo Bread Store in Insadong Seoul

The queue for the poo bread is crazy though. A minimum order of three poo breads are imposed for each buy. Since the crowd seems to be quite eager to queue, we joined the queue too. #peerpressure

Poo Bread Store in Ssamziegil Insadong

Noona did not take the picture after getting her hands on her poo bread so she has to dig the last summer picture when she got it instead. Hahaha. The paper bag used to contain the poo bread is kinda cute but the poo bread taste average at best. It has red bean as its filling. 

Red Bean Poo Bread Store in Ssamziegil Insadong

Insadong is definitely a place that Noona will revisit when she visits Seoul in the future. 

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