The Season to Wear Plaid Coat

Other than the upcoming Christmas, winter is the time to dig your plaid coat and show it to the world with style. Not sure on how to do it, well Taeyeon, who was just recently releasing new single called "Dear Santa" with the other two TTS's members, Tiffany and Seohyun, can show you how to work out your plaid coat with some style, without losing the warmth. To add some style to the plaid coat, you can wear hat or cool boots like what Taeyeon did. 

Since the most important item that we need to have to copy Taeyeon's look is that plaid coat, let's hunt for the alternative of that coat. The most similar one that Noona can find is YOYO woolen plaid coat from The woolen plaid coat costs USD 67.90

YOLO Woolen Plaid Coat at

SheIn, another online clothing boutique, also sells a red black stand collar plaid coat at USD 29.59. The original price was USD 73.98 so Noona thinks this is quite a good deal. 

SheIn Red Black Stand Collar Plaid

If you are bored with red and black, there are a lot of other color combination that you can play around for a plaid coat. For instance, Forever 21 sells a black and cream tartan plaid coat at the cost of USD 32.90. It also comes in another color of navy and green. 

Forever 21 Black and Cream Tartan Plaid Coat

If you prefer your plaid coat to be somewhat cute, you can opt for the loose plaid embroidery lapel long sleeve woolen coat from NewChic. It is currently on sale from USD 74.68 to USD 39.58. Awesome deal. 

Loose long sleeve woolen coat from NewChic

Which plaid coat is your favourite? The thing that I love about winter is that there is no need to think too much about what to wear inside as long as the coat is so good-looking. Of course, this is assuming that you don't need to take off your coat at all outside. LOL. 

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