The Time for the Owl Sweatshirt to Shine

Even though owls may look kinda scary as they are nocturnal animal, owls can be cute too. There is even an owl cafe in Japan. And they are even cuter when they are used as a design (no real owls are harmed) for the sweatshirt. Owl sweatshirt has been very popular in Korea up to the point that Lucky Chouette has made them their official design. Victoria from f(x) was spotted wearing one in one of Lucky Chouette's event. 

The Time for the Owl Sweatshirt to Shine

Han Seung Yeon from KARA has also been spotted wearing the owl sweatshirt from Lucky Chouette. 

Han Seung Yeon KARA Lucky Chouette Owl Sweatshirt

If you feel like getting one for yourself (or for your loved one) for Christmas, Lucky Chouette is currently offering four different styles of the owl sweatshirt on its website. The first one looks kinda similar to the sweatshirt worn by Victoria above. It is just instead of the black colorblock, this sweatshirt has a touch of soft pink instead. It costs 248,000 KRW (USD 209).

Techno Chouette Knit Pullover Lucky Chouette

The next set of sweatshirt actually has men's cutting. But hey, it looks good on women too. The Block Bebe Chouette Men Sweatshirt costs168,000 KRW (USD 142).

Block Bebe Chouette Sweatshirt Men Lucky Chouette

The next sweatshirt comes with stripes. For those of you who want stripes sweatshirt with an owl, you may want to go for this design. It comes in three colors: black, pink and green. Noona finds the green to be quite interesting. It comes with a price tag of 268,000 KRW (USD 226).

Stripe Techno Knit Pullover Lucky Chouette

If stripes are too boring for you, how about crossing lines? And don't forget the owl, of course. The techno chouette JQD knit sweater comes with a price tag of 298,000 KRW (USD 251.48).

Techno Chouette JQD Knit Sweater Lucky Chouette 

These lovely sweatshirts do not come cheap Noona knows. But since Christmas is coming, it does not hurt to reward yourself once in a while, no? =)

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